Monday, May 27, 2013

Addictions and Self Discipline

I easily and quickly let go of the limiting and distracting habits and addictions in my life.
I love and respect myself and my healthy choices.
I now choose what is best for me.

Self Discipline is committing to always and only what is highest and best for You.
Addictions may numb or hide your regret for not living true to what is best for YOU!
You may use to escape from the guilt and sorrow you feel for not living your best.
You will find what is true, when you stop using, hiding, avoiding and denying the Good in you.

When you seek to Love yourself, you may not know how.
When you seek to value You, you may never have known your worth.
When you seek to give your Best to you, you may not know what is your best.
When you seek to be true to yourself, you may not have a clue about what that is.

When we observe our parents and ancestors, we may see they also were ignorant.
When we remember how we were treated, we may have copied their treatment of us.
When we look around at our associations and circumstances, we may have succumbed to the norm.
When we forgive what was and choose again for what can be, we begin the journey Home to Self.

It may be hard to give up chocolate or stop working all the time.
It may be scary to stop talking on the phone or texting 24/7.
It may be difficult to stop using substances or food to numb the pain. 
It may feel crazy to give up habits that distract, detour, deny or dismiss our real needs. 

When you are stuck in a rut, you may just want to get comfortable.
When you are afraid of stopping the habit, you may prefer to do it anyway.
When you are consumed with the distraction and despair of life’s demands, you may use the quick fix.
With discipline, you stop, breathe, feel and leave the bad habit and choose again for what is good.
Easier said than done….for some.
Easy to do for those who choose to be true to their Highest Self.
When you know better, you can choose to do better.
When you feel guilty, bad, afraid, ignorant or stuck, you may simply let the addiction win.

Choose to be free.
Choose to make the right choice.
Choose to have a Good Life.
Choose to set the highest example.
Choose to give up whatever is holding you back.
Choose to seek and find a higher way to live and love and give.
Choose to let go with forgiveness and appreciate your new choices.
Choose to feel what is real and make it your life to live abundantly.

You can choose a life that works.
You can learn and follow a better way.
You can be the One you are meant to be.
You can live trusting and respecting and loving your self.

You can start a recovery program.
You can be accountable.
You can change your life.
You can when you believe you can.

I see you.
I know you.
I love you.
I believe in you.

Betty Lue