Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why not?

I now give and receive All Good and Only Good.

Why not use all the resources available?
Why not receive gifts being offered without cost?
Why not seek a better way?
Why not trust there is inspiration and new ideas for you?

Why not stop complaining and start taking action?
Why not give up all your stories and make a better life?
Why not let go of your mistakes and choose again?
Why not release guilt, blame and resentment and simply trust?

It is much easier to learn a new way if you first let go of the old.
It is much more safe to release all judgments with forgiveness.
It is much more fun to experience how easily new ways can heal and transform.
It is much more loving to respond to ever offer of support and help with YES and Thank You!

For 35+ years I have been open and willing to support those who are willing to do the work.
I love working with folks who explore and experiment with an open mind.
I so delight when any one makes a shift, because all of us are blessed.
The work may not be fun, safe and easy, but the result always is.

We offer help and healing, counsel and coaching, inspiration and education for willing learners.
We turn no one away due to financial limitation.
However, we do want to work with willing learners.
We do want to be respected and appreciated.

Sometimes the givers experience being depended on, so they foster independence.
Sometimes those serving are used and taken for granted.
Sometimes those in service of spirit are used and not respected.
It is time for all those who serve to take impeccable care of ourselves first.

I invite you to know we are here for you, those who are sincere.
I say YES to all requests unless there is harm to giver or receiver.
I have a retreat home for worldly rest and spiritual renewal.
We offer classes, workshops, online programs, counsel, coaching, holistic healing and books.

Our life work and purpose is to share all we have been given for the Good of All.
We are grateful to share, to inspire and motivate, to help and heal, to educate and emancipate.
There are people and place to feed, house, clothe all simply and basically.
When all of us are happily willing to share what we have, there will be plenty for everyone.

This is my vision and purpose, my prayer and reminder to Remember Love and return to wholeness.
And so it is, we remember.
Let me know how I can best serve you and your family.
You deserve to know and remember to always Love you.

I am loving you, as you awaken to remember to love you,
Always and only with the best I know, 
Betty Lue

Do you know in Middletown/Hidden Valley Lake, there are free meals everyday of the week?
Did you know that #211 in Contra Costa County is a referral and resource line for every need?
Did you know you can grow a garden for food in barrels and pots anywhere you get sunshine?
Did you know Lake County has the cleanest air in California?
Did you know that there is where you can acquire great stuff?
Also free clothes and more on the internet for those who ask?
Did you know your local library is free to use computers, books, DVD’s and more?
Did you know you can receive great inspirational food by attending many churches and their programs?
Did you know the AA programs are free and open to help you and your family with addiction?

Are you open to give and receive help, support, information, prayer and inspiration/education?
Most of our classes and programs and church talk are online and available to all.  See below!
We have a policy to never turn anyone away due to limited finances. 
 We are here to be Love in our world.
Betty Lue

Please take advantage of the many other offerings, offered with respect and gratitude for our continued healing and awakening.

Helpful for all clients and students:

Daily Loving Reminders (Free)
***You are invited and encouraged to receive my daily or weekly Loving Reminders (written and emailed daily)  
Ask to be added to my lists.

Classes Retreats and Workshops (Contribution basis)
***You are invited and encouraged to participate in all my classes, workshops or retreats
My intention is always to make it easier for your to choose the best life for you!

Counseling and Coaching (Fees Negotiated fairly)
***See me at three Centers (Brentwood, Pleasant Hill, Hidden Valley Lake) or email, phone and skype.

Online Reminders (Free)
*** Selected classes are available online  or CD
*** Prayer Circle for those who want to participate.
*** Selected forwarded inspirational material on request

My intention is to love freely, serve joyfully, and  remember always the Good.
Everyone is our teacher.
Life is the school of learning.
We are the willing students.

You are important.
Service is my life work and play.
Betty Lue

Let me know if you have need of an appointment.
Please don’t let lack of money the excuse. 
 I am here to serve. 
You can contribute what you can when you can.
It works to be truly helpful whenever there is a need.
Betty Lue