Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why Am I Writing and Sharing Reminders Everyday ?

Yes even on Vacation, I write to connect with you and me and Spirit within.
We return on Saturday, April 20th with gratitude and Joy.  Loving you, Betty Lue

I write these reminders so I will not forget.
I write these reminders so we will remember.
I write these reminders daily as my inspiration.
I write these reminders to learn and teach us all.

I share these reminders as I have been guided.
I share these reminders so you will join me.
I share these reminders because they are the best I know.
I share these reminders because they are my greatest Gift.

When we do not use and share what we are given, we will forget.
When we do not use and share what is our greatest treasure, it will be lost.
When we do not honor the gifts within us, they will fade from our memory.
When we do not open our heart to give All to All, we will not fully receive or believe.

When we receive a blessed gift, we must love it and share it.
When we experience a miracle, we must honor the Love and remember the blessing.
When we know how wonderful life it, we must feel and express the wonder.
When we experience the joy and laughter and love, we must live from this place daily.

If you are saving the best for later, you will be disappointed.
If you are holding your treasures for yourself, you will be surprised at how they diminish.
If you are withholding your love from anyone, you will feel the loss and the lack.
If you are forgetting the greatest gifts in your life, it will not be remembered and realized.

My life is an open book for all to see.
When I forget, you will remember.
My loves are still and always will be my loves.
No matter what the loss, I will always remember the gain.

In a life of letting go, what remains is the eternal.
In a life of undoing, there is always the joy of doing.
In a life of seeking only the good and true, there is the surprise of what I find.
In a life of love, I am remembering always to love you and me and You and You.

In this there is God. 
In this there is Good. 
In this there is Joy.
In this there is Love.

I am satisfied, fulfilled and grateful.
I trust you are too!
Betty Lue