Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Who Are You?

Most people are living someone else’s ideals, beliefs, expectations and projections.
Often children live out their parents want and expect.
Adults often see themselves attempting to “get what was missing in their childhood.”
We learn to live from the projections we received from others from birth on.

You may find that you spend time figuring out how to please others and get approval.
Or you might notice that you try hard not to be what your parents expected and pushed for.
Likewise, people often grow up trying to make up for what was missing.
There is a better, wiser and more accurate way to live your own life your way.

Our children usually act out the parents’ unexpressed and unhealed stuff.
In my experience it is often the unconscious unfinished business of their parents often exaggerated.
Almost like kids expose their parents to what they need to see and complete for themselves.
Consider that we as adults can finish our own unfulfilled dreams and heal our woundedness.

Most are waddling around with layers of learned beliefs, expectations, demands hiding their Essence.
What people say and think about us becomes what we believe we are.
What we feel how we are treated from conception on determines our beliefs about ourselves.
When we realize the thoughts we hold determine how we live, we can forgive, erase and choose again.

When we grow up feeling love only when we are what people expect us to be, we become disillusioned. 
When we try to get approval through living what our family believes, we lose a sense of our own Truth.
When we comply with the demands of our society and what is expected, we forget our own ideal.
And for many when we reach adulthood, we have no idea about what we really want to be and do.

Our identity comes through inner knowing.
Our ideal Self is found through Self Reflection.
Our way through life is exploring what brings Happiness and Inner Peace.
When we listen to others and follow their instruction, we may no longer realize our own.

True and lasting happiness comes through Self Knowledge and Integrity.
“To thine own Self be true.”
We cannot be true to the One we do not know.
The process of discovery is removing all the covers and myths and layers of projections.

When we use life experiences to discover the Authentic Self, we are reveal our Essence.
We allow ourselves to release our need to belong, get approval, and make others happy.
We trust ourselves and free ourselves to BE who we really are.
This is returning to Love ourselves and live our own Truth.

Self Love is the foundation for success in life.
Loving our True Self is the key to loving all others.
Living our own life our way teaches us to free others to live their way.
When we Love, trust and respect ourselves, to offer the same to others.

Loving you in discovering and realizing Your Authentic Self, 
Betty Lue

Back in the 70’s the basic stuff I taught and learned from was all about letting go of the false Self and discovering the Real Self.
When I taught Positive Parenting at the local  Jr. College, I learned and taught when parents were happy and fulfilled, kids would be too.
When adults are whole and happy and free, then their kids grow us to be whole and happy and free.

So my focus this year will be on Learning to Love Our Authentic Self.
Discovering our own Truth.  Being who we really want to be.

Robert and I are offering this workshop Series The Real You: “Self Discovery and Life Purpose”, in Pleasant Hill and Hidden Valley Lake.
Mondays nights twice monthly in Pleasant Hill at the Reunion Center and Wednesday nights ongoing at Positive Living Center.
Our next Reunion Retreats May  25-26 and July 5-6 will be on Self Remembering and Self Trust and Freedom. 
We cannot be happy and free others to be happy until we are living our own true way everyday.