Thursday, April 11, 2013

What Works In All My Relationships!

Practical, Helpful and Effective Choices I Have Made over the years:
Try the ones that resonate with you.
You will find what works for you to have the quality of relationships you want!
Sharing the best I know.
Betty Lue

Look for the best in everyone.
Treat everyone, as I want to be treated.
Talk to people with respect.
Listen both inside and out to hear what is wanted.
Keep silent, when others do not want to talk.
Be attentive, when others need a listener.
Keep confidence with folks by not sharing their stuff.
Learn from everyone, as we all are teachers to one another.
Be honest and kind.
Be helpful when needed.
Give advice or counsel only when asked.
Share opinions and ideas, when welcomed.
Trust everyone is doing the best they know.
Forgive others mistakes, misjudgments and criticism.
Take nothing personally.
Share what I have with those who ask.
Be patient with the learning needs of others.
Honor others’ preferences.
Have no neediness by taking good care of myself.
Respect everyone’s boundaries, including my own.
Be grateful for the entire relationship experience. 
Listen and learn from and about the other. 
Negotiate always win/win solutions.
Recognize and forgive any criticism or judgment.
Let go of all fear, negativity or comparison from anyone.
Stop expecting and assuming.
Seek to trust and free everyone to be who they are.
Allow everyone to learn from their own experiences without interference.

What Works in my Personal Relationship with my Life Partner Robert. 
(4/10/13 was our 28th anniversary)

Respect one another in every thought, word and interaction.
See one another in a new light each day.
Say please and thank you naturally.
Greet each other with respect and demonstration of Love.
Recognize every act of kindness and service with full appreciation.
Daily say “I Love you” and kiss before going to sleep and awakening each day.
Never talk about one another to others without permission.
Be amazed, amused and appreciative daily of our Good Life together.
Consult and support one another with our plans.
Prepare our three meals daily for both of us.
Do Laundry for both of us and share cooking and cleanup
Schedule relationship time for sharing and connection daily.
Openly appreciate our relationship for others to see and hear.
Each one of us has our own functions, so we need not consult about weekly stuff.
Robert handles finances and legal stuff, and I handle home and diet and scheduling.
Always appreciate one another’s contributions to our relationships.
No arguments about anything, because we listen and respect the other’s viewpoint.
If differences, we agree on what matters most to one of us.
We also negotiate win/win solutions, so that both needs are met.
Openly appreciate each other often.
Use the love language ( that is best received by my partner.
We always practice forgiveness for every judgment, fear or feeling of separation.
We hold a common vision and goal… serve the Highest Good. “on call for God”.
We support and encourage each one’s part or journey without interference.
We immediately forgive our own reaction or upset or negative emotion.
Our intention is always to give total trust and freedom to one another.
We are committed to love and support ourselves and each other in healing the past.
We announce when we have stuff, but don’t lay our stuff on each other.

Take a look at what you do that works…….Do it more.
Take a look at what doesn’t work……..Stop doing it.

Loving you with the practical everyday stuff of relationship.
Betty Lue