Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Everything I Do, I Do For You

Everything I Do, I do for All.
Everything I Am, I am for the I AM.
Everything I see, I see for me.
I Am, I do, I See for the One I am here to be.

When we give, we are giving to ourselves.
We we love, we are loving ourselves.
When we bless, we are blessing ourselves.
When we forgive, we are forgiving ourselves.

There is nothing we do or think or say that is not received by the One We Are.
There is no separation between what we judge and how we are judged.
There is nothing that is denied us when we deny ourselves nothing.
All is here for us to use, to enjoy to appreciate and share.

When we claim our union with Goodness, we experience what is Good.
When we name ourselves as Bad, we experience the Bad.
When we see we can have and be whatever we desire, we experience limitlessness.
When we believe we are lacking, unable, unworthy or cursed, so it is we experience our own declaration.

What will it take to awaken from our faulty thinking?
How can we undo the falsehoods we have made true?
How can we share when we no longer care about ourselves?
What can we choose to refuse the Bad News?

We each have an opportunity to change our world from inside out.
To change our minds is to change our lives and all around us.
To live in despair it to relinquish our power to choose and change.
To forgive it all is to live with hope, faith and the certainty  of choosing again.

I request that you, the reader, begin your own pilgrimage, path and purpose by forgiving all errors.
I ask that you, the listener, go home to your heart and source of love and choose again.
I invite you, the seeker, appreciate what you have created and let go of what you do not value.
I encourage you, to join me today in showing and sharing the way of giving and receiving only Good.

The choice is up to each one of us.
The time has come for us to let go of irresponsible and dependent ways of thinking and living.
We are here to grow up, to take full responsibility, to give our best and live with Love.
We are here not to seek for Love, but to share the Love we have within us.

Where we are covered with mud and debris from the past ignorant and childish errors, we can let go.
When we are lost in the errors of conformity and the lazy ways,, we can choose the highest ways.
Where we have followed the dictates of other unconscious beings, we can step away.
When we have turned our lives to the mess of dependency and addiction, we can choose again.

Life is a gift to be given and received.  
When we give all Good to everyone, we experience All Good in Abundance.
The selfish see themselves as alone and separate, needing to be greedy.
The Self Serving Ones see that serving One is serving All.
When we give our best and forgive the rest, we Know only the Goodness, Abundance and Love.

The time is now to give all we want to receive. 
It is in giving that we receive!
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.
It is in loving that we come to know the Love we are.

I am loving one and all, always and all ways, the best I know.
Betty Lue