Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Good Life

What is a good life for you?
Better than before?
Have more money and things?
Experience happiness more?
Able to help others?
Free time to do what you want?
More travel?
Being healthy and energetic?
Feeling more connected spiritually?
Everything clean and organized?
Satisfied people around you?
Time to create goodness and beauty?

I suggest that you write a description of “A Good Life” for you.
Without defining what it is, you may let life happen to you.
When you describe and picture what you want, you will more likely move in that direction.
Most people seem to take what you can get or make it work or complain endlessly.

We each are creating our own experience.
We can have what we want.
We may not know until we have it.
We may not feel capable of creating it.

We can choose.
We can persist until we clear the way to have what we really want.
Inner peace and happiness are ours, when we know we have our own Good Life.
We can make way by giving up guilt and blame, letting go of complaint and worry, releasing the past.

Here are some choices for your “Good  Life”.
Simple or complex?
Passive or active?
Flowing or busy?
Slow or fast?
Diverse or the same?
Scheduled or spontaneous?
Private or social?
Self serving or in service?
Extra money and stuff or just enough?
Rural, suburban or city?
Entertainment and travel or at home fun and adventure?
Spiritual or worldly?
Ordinary or extraordinary?
Assertive or cautious?
Isolated or community involved?

Lots more choices for you to make.  
Keep on redefining and designing your life until it is YOURS!
Know there is always room for change whenever you choose.
Loving you in creating your very own Good Life.
Betty Lue

My life is very simple, active, flowing, fast, diverse, scheduled and spontaneous, private, in service, just enough to be helpful to others, rural and suburbs, home fun, spiritual and inspired, extraordinary and miraculous, monastic, assertive and involved. 
 We have an amazingly good life and are truly happy and at peace. 
 This is the way we have chosen and created so we can be of the highest service to those we encounter and serve.
We are super grateful, delighted, laughing and loving most of the time.  
We make our life fun, safe and easy by forgiving any upset immediately and choosing again for the highest Good for all concerned.  
We leave no relationship, communication, or circumstance a mess, but quickly clean up our world both inner and outer.  
We make our life, our environment, both homes and centers beautiful, organized and orderly.
We use our thoughts, words and deeds wisely and with Love.
We share all the Good we have with everyone.
And so it is....We have a very good life.. And so do the people around us!!