Saturday, March 16, 2013

Why Wait?

Do it now.
Believe it now.
Love it now.
Appreciate it now.

Why wait for Heaven?
Why wait for Love?
Why wait for Prosperity?
Why wait for Happiness?

When you wait, you will collect, excuses, impatience, fear and resentment.
When you wait, you will create inner resistance.
When you wait, you will lose incentive, motivation and inertia.
When you wait, you will become heavy with disappointment and discouragement.

When you feel love, say and show “I love you.”
When you want the end to conflict, forgive and choose peace.
When you want to experience joy, notice all there is to appreciate.
When you want to get something done, just do it right now.

Waiting, sometimes called procrastinating, has many reasons, excuses and justifications.
It all boils down to “I don’t want to.”
The more you say it and think it, the more stubborn and stuck you become.
All that is required is to tell yourself, “I choose to do this now. I appreciate myself for choosing well.”

When we “get” we are master of our mind, our emotions and choices, we will go for it.
Life is waiting for us to truly live the life we want.
Abundance is waiting for us to choose to prosper ourselves.
Love is waiting for us to welcome love into our lives.

When we wait or hesitate, it comes from fear.
Fear of not succeeding.
Fear we will have to pay.
Fear of being better than.
Fear of trying and failing.
Fear of making a mistake.
Fear of being a fool.
Fear of getting hurt.
Fear of losing our way.
Fear of …………(Whatever you choose).

Affirmations: (Written and spoken 20 times daily for 14 days)
I no longer fear making choices for myself.
I know what I want and I go for it.
I am delighted with all I do with gratitude and joy.
My life is rich with choices I make for the benefit of All.

Your Good life if waiting for you to claim it now.
Loving you,  
Betty Lue

Negative EGO
Personality Survival Cycle

1.            EGO’s only Goal = SURVIVAL.
2.            EGO is stimulated by fear.
3.            EGO is thinking of the past and future.
4.            EGO self “tries” and doesn’t succeed.
5.            EGO is addicted to the search (outer directed).
6.            EGO causes us to experience lack and separation.
7.            EGO learning is through pain and struggle.
8.            EGO then shares the drama with others.
9.            For that, the EGO gets attention (Intrinsic Value).
10.        Then the EGO Cycle is empowered to repeat itself.

Some see EGO as Edging God and Goodness Out.
Some see Ego as the learned personality and fear-based self.
Some see Ego as the little arrogant child that wants its own way.
However you see your Ego, it may be time to teach it how to love and trust.