Saturday, March 30, 2013

What are you Selling?

We all are selling something.
We are selling Love or selling fear.
We are selling Truth or selling lies.
We are selling Forgiveness or vengeance.

What are you selling?
Some are selling themselves.
Some are selling achievements.
Some are selling righteousness.
Some are selling ideas.
Some are selling beliefs.
Some are selling hope.
Some are selling faith.
Some are selling pretense.
Some are selling service.
Some are selling happiness.
Some are selling suffering.
Some are selling do it my way.
Some are selling be careful.
Some are selling step away.
Some are selling fight.
Some are selling buy what I am selling.
Some are selling trust yourself to know.
Some are selling let go.
Some are selling keep grabbing more.
Some are selling trust.
Some are selling distrust.

Each one of us is selling something that we want for ourselves.
When we buy what we are selling, we can relax and trust others to buy what is right for them.
Listen to your own story to see what you are pushing…..
The latest drug or idea or miracle, or threat or problem or lifestyle or judgment or rule or……..

If we had nothing to sell and were content with our choices, there would be no need to convince.
If we have no need to convince or convert, we would not be bothered by others’ different choice.
Consider living life your way and letting go of trying to change others.
Consider allowing everyone to learn in their own timing and direction.

My choice is to be silent, unless invited to speak, to share, to learn and teach.
My choice is to enjoy what I have and give and be and do and let you find your own way true.
My choice is to trust that each one in their own time and way will let happiness guide them.
My choice is to free us all to live, love, laugh, learn and let go in our own unique way.

I am selling freedom and trust,  what I call LOVE, in the best way I know.
Mostly I simply am willing to be the Love I am.

Mission and conscious intention: I am the space of trust and freedom, where Love is remembered and Holiness restored.
Trusting you to be true to you.
Betty Lue