Friday, March 01, 2013

Purposeful Living

When we are living our lives with purpose, passion and principles, we are happy and free.When we are giving with choice, gratitude and Joy, we are abundant with health and happiness.
When we Know and Love Who We Are and the Gifts we give, we are Loving Reminders.
When we live with an open mind and full heart, we freely share all the Good we have for the Good of All.
Are you here to serve or save?
Are you here to support or to lead?
Are you here to heal or be healed?
Are you here to teach or to learn?

Are you here to wakeup or go to sleep?
Are you here to enjoy or to reform?
Are you here to nurture or be nurtured?
Are you here to survive or to thrive?

There are endless possibilities.Each one of us has a calling, an intrinsic reason for being here now.
Everyone is a piece of the greater whole.
You are an essential part of the One.
When we play our part fully and freely, we are inspired and fulfilled.When we live and give our Truth, we increase the Goodness.
When we honor the One We Are, we feel happy and free.
Living with purpose inspired, encourages and frees others to do the same.
What is the Game You Claim?
Where do you come alive and thrive?
What is your chosen destiny and Self Realization?
How do you choose to live today and tomorrow?
T’is a gift to be simple.
T’is a gift to be free.
T’is a gift to come round
Where we ought to be.

And when we find ourselves,
In the Place just right,
It will be in the valley
Of Love and Delight.

When true simplicity is gained.
To bow and to Bend, we shall not be ashamed.
To turn, to turn , it will be our delight.
‘Til by turning and turning, we come round right.
To find true and lasting happiness and Love, take some time to name that which you are here to be.When you find yourself living the best you came to be, you will live every moment, happy and free.
Loving you with Joy, because I am living with passion and purpose.
I know that which I am here to Be,
Betty Lue