Friday, March 15, 2013

Learn To Live Well With What You Have!

No more self denial.
No over whelm with over giving or over doing!
No more guilt for under giving and not doing enough!
Appreciate everything you have and it will be enough.

Living well is to make how you live good for you.
Living well is having an attitude of gratitude.
Living well is using everything you have for the Good of all.
Living well is enjoying and appreciating what you have.

Often in this culture of consumption, people use without enjoyment.
People spend without consideration.
People give without being grateful.
People ask for what they do not really need.

When we learn to live well, there is always plenty.
When we learn to live well, we have enough to share.
When we learn to live well, there is no worry about the future.
When we learn to live well, we are joyful to give to others.

When we throw away without blessing, we are dismissing the value.
When we give away to get rid of, we are decreasing our worth.
When we try to make money to get money, we deny our service.
When we spend on what has little or no value, we waste what we have.

Life is for learning.
We are learning to appreciate what we have.
We are learning to stop asking for what we don’t need.
We are learning to give to what we value.

Life is for healing.
We are healing our past mistakes.
We are healing our unconsciousness words and actions.
We are healing what we have allowed to hurt, confuse and lead us astray.

Learning to live well with what we have is to bless everything.
Learning to live well is to express gratitude and appreciation.
Learning to live well is to love well, everyone including ourselves.
Learning to live well is to stop any negative thoughts, words and deeds.

Everything can be better when we fully appreciate what we have.
I am loving us in being willing to learn and to heal. 
Love what you have and it will love you in return.
Whatever you cannot and do not love, let it go gently and with your blessing,
Betty Lue