Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Change is natural.
Have the courage to change what no longer works for you.
Letting go can be fun, safe and easy.
Trust the process of change.

We can change to avoid what we do not like.
We can change what we make wrong.
We can change what we resent and blame.
Negative reasons for change often leave negative feelings.

We can change to create what we really want.
We can change what we know is right for us.
We can choose for what we like, trust and appreciate.
Positive reasons for change will inspire positive feelings.

When we change to get rid of what we judge and fear, we may hold onto the judgment and fear.
When we choose to create what we value and love, we increase what we enjoy and appreciate.
The reasons for making changes may be more important than the changes we make.
Ask yourself the value of your change and open your mind to choosing always for Good.

To avoid or get rid or end something holds judgment and fear.
To create, increase and begin something new inspires hope and joy.
Look at your life as a canvas on which you are creating the changes your want to see.
Imagine what you hope and dream your life can be and choose it with clarity and commitment.

Life can be clearing away the refuse of the past or creating beauty in the present.
Life may be ending what was with honorable closure or allowing natural letting go.

When we walk away from what no longer inspires and supports us, we can leave our blessings.
When we leave feeling disgust, resentment, guilt and/or  hatred, we will likely repeat the same.

Choose to let go with blessing of gratitude for the learning.
Choose to let go with the gift of your grace.
Choose to let go with honor for all beings.
Choose to let go to find your rightful place.

When we change, we can be transformed with new beginning.
When we clarify what we really want, we can open to all possibilities.
When we commit to what is best for all, we are inspired and appreciate.
When we choose what the Highest Good for All, we feel released and encouraged by the changes.

Let us learn:
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can; 
and wisdom to know the difference.  
(Or the wisdom to see the possibilities when I thought there were none!)

When what was no longer works, we can easily change for what may work better.
Learn to let go and be willing to trust that all things work together for Good.
When we easily undo and make room for the new, we will be happily surprise.

 Loving change and the beautiful gifts it brings.
Betty Lue