Thursday, March 14, 2013

Are You Worth It?

Sometimes life may seem the cost is too much.
Sometimes you may feel you are not the priority.
Sometimes you might believe that money must come first.
Sometimes the world feels like you are not worth the expense and effort.

Someone emailed me they didn’t have enough money and felt bad.
You may want a haircut or a coaching or counseling session or a dentist appt.
You may need some extra food or a bed or new mattress.
There are times and places in many lives, where we feel we cannot get what is needed.

Ask yourself: What is best for me?
Consider what really are your priorities.
What have you learned to do without?
What seems to make the most basic difference in your health and happiness?

I have had many experiences, where I put others first, because it was for the best.
I also have had experiences where I had no income and lived on credit cards.
I experienced a time of feeding myself and 8 other people on food stamps.
We lived with no income, while sharing housing and our services with those in need.

There is no shame in asking, when you have need.
There is value in giving others the opportunity to give to you.
There is learning in having and sharing and not having and still sharing.
Our worth is not established by what we make or teach or earn or do.

What is best for you is best for others.
When you are at your best, you are blessed and a blessing for others.
When you are giving yourself what is best for you, it is best for others to see your example.
When we all are at our best, we can give and be our best for everyone and everything.

I know our world is blessed, as you and I give our best.
I know you are blessed when we all are being and doing our best.
It is my good work to give you the best I have, so that you can give your best as well.
You need not feel guilt about giving less, when it is your best.

“We know there is no need to be concerned about money.  
There is always plenty or everything we truly need to give our best.  
We know and trust and experience “there is enough for everyone”.
We share freely and always have what we need. 

Our abundance mentality is enough to provide for every good work.  
We love YOU.  
Please never feel you are not giving enough!  
You are enough!!”
Loving you, 
Betty Lue

Giving is receiving.
All that I give is given to myself.
When we all are giving our best, there will always be enough.
When we live with no fear of lack, there will be no lack.

Spiritual Tips for Abundant Living
1.           Honor and Respect your Self.
2.           Do what you love and love what you do.
3.           Appreciate what you have.
4.           Stop complaining, wishing, fantasizing.
5.           Clarify what ego wants and what Spirit wants.
6.           Recognize the difference between temporal pleasures and eternal treasures.
7.           Spend less than you earn.
8.           Notice that you always have more than enough to share.
9.           Expect life to work for you and your happiness.
10.       Your Spirit-directed choices never require explanation, justification or convincing.
11.       Get clear on your real priorities (health, travel, new home, service, retirement, etc.) Set aside the money needed and live on what’s left.
12.       Give your Self and others only what is for the Highest Good (useful, valuable & inspiring).