Monday, March 18, 2013

Are You Willing To Be Happy?

Sounds like a silly question to some.
Of course, I want to be happy.”
If you were really willing to be happy, wouldn’t you choose to be happy?
Happiness seems to be illusive and transitory for most folks.

For those who have never been truly happy, it may not seem possible.
For those whose happiness is dependent on others, it may not seem likely.
For those who don’t believe it is right to be happy, it may not be a goal.
For those who are too busy, resentful, hurt or afraid, happiness may not seem possible.

What if we are created to be happy?
What if life is meant to be happy?
What if our true purpose here is to be happy?
What if happiness is our guide and lights our way?

My goal is to be the piece of Good I AM here to be.
My purpose is to be happy and full of light and life.
My function is to forgive and erase all that blocks my way.
I Am here to be happy and in this I AM truly helpful.

What prevents you from being happy?
Do you get in your own way, but judging.?
Have you chosen to look at what is wrong?
Do you neglect to see and believe in what is Good?

Happiness is a choice.
We can be grateful and be happy.
We can do good and be fulfilled.
We can love ourselves and be satisfied.

Unhappiness seems to happen to us.
We can hold grievances and feel unhappy.
We can neglect ourselves and feel unloved.
We can stop caring about others and feel separate.

When we learn to heal our past with forgiveness we feel renewed.
When we are willing to suspend all judgment, we feel free.
When we take impeccable care of our mind, body and Spirit, we feel loved.
When we are truly helpful and contribute to other’s happiness, we feel blessed.

Happiness is the freedom to do what is right in our heart.
Happiness is allowing the highest visions to live in our minds.
Happiness is sharing our best with those we encounter.
Happiness is being sincerely grateful for Who we are.

Life is calling us to be happy.
Happiness inspires others to be happy too.
Happiness is contagious and teaches others how to be happy. 
Be happy and the sun will shine on you.

Happy everyday in every way,
Betty Lue