Friday, February 01, 2013

What Does It Take To Be Healthy?

Healthy Living is giving yourself what is best for you.
Healthy Giving is sharing what is best for others.
Healthy Minds offer thoughts which strengthen and empower.
Healthy Emotions motivate and enthuse what is energizing.
Healthy Bodies mobilize us to live our higher purpose.
Healthy Relationships support and encourage the best in each other
Healthy Work offers productive activities to provide what we need.
Healthy Play is creative fun, safe and adventuresome.
Healthy Finances supports us in living and giving our best.

Live in the ways that fully support being your best.
What is best for me is best for others.

Give blessings of inspiration and gratitude.
I joyfully give what blesses everyone living true to themselves.

Think healing, helpful and healthy thoughts.
I forgive and erase all that is not wholly loving and true.

Clear guilt and fear with forgiveness and love now.
I forgive getting stuck with limiting emotions.

Treat everyone with kindness and respect. 
I forgive myself for giving less that my best. 

Engage in meaningful and productive work that provides well-being.
I forgive myself for doing anything harmful or negative to others.

Enjoy a life of joy, creativity and freedom.
I release anything that is depressing, demeaning or detrimental. 

Use your time, money and energy for the Highest Good.
I cease all unhealthy habits of wasting my resources.

Tips for Whole Life Health 

Nutrition-- Ingest the best and forget the rest. 
Feed yourself what is best  and eliminate the rest.
Movement—Enjoy moving with the natural flow of life.
Breath—Breathe in life energy and expand your awareness. 
Exhale fully to release what is no longer needed.
Touch—Reach out with love and respect.
Thought—Choose thoughts which heal and free you.
Forgiveness—Erase beliefs which limit you.
Attitude—Express gratitude. Enjoy life.
Balance—Moderation in all things brings harmony.
Perception—What you perceive in others, you strengthen in yourself.
Purity—Eliminate toxic thoughts, activities and relationships.
Rest—Relax your mind and body to be revitalized.
Contribution—Give everyone what you want to have.

I am reminding us all to live healthy and let go of all that is not.
Loving the healthy happy beings we are when we love ourselves WELL!
Betty Lue

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