Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine From My Heart

Who knows who you are and why you came to be?
Who know what you can do and what there is to see?
Who knows how great or small your gains?
Who knows what will set you free?

As I have chosen freedom and trust as my way to live, 
I recognize in this lies love and all I seek to give.
I am aware my heart is true and seeking only love.
I know that I am here to serve and give what I can trust.

I trust the love in me.
I trust the love in you.
I know we are here to give ourselves.
And find love in what we do.

I always seek to give my best and forgive the rest.
I always seek to share love and happiness.
I know inside where love abides, we are always one.
I believe when we go deep enough, love will always show.

Who knows how each must learn?
Who knows what works for all?
Who knows the time when each must rest?
Who knows what sounds the call?

This morning I can feel dreams coming true.
I know not how or when it is, because everything is new.
I can feel the love inside you and me.
I can see us loving endlessly.

I know when I believe enough, it always will show up.
I know when I let go of doubt, that love will conquer all.
I know when I hold you in my heart, the truth will clear the pain.
I know when I love each one long enough, then family we will claim.

See me, feel me, know me and you will always love me.
I see you. I feel you.  I know you and it is You I love.
What we give we do receive, so in your heart be true.
Love each one you are with, but first begin with you.

This morning I feel so blessed, because it is you I love.
This morning, I know the Love I am and in this I can trust.
I came that I might love us all and see the Love we are.
I am here to help us celebrate the Good in all we share.

What I write comes from my heart and with this Love I’m True.
As I child I was known as the “True Believer”, True B’Lue

Loving you always,
Betty Lue

I want you to believe in what you really want.
I encourage you to trust that everything always works together for Good.
I invite you to forgive and erase every unloving thoughts.
I know your history tells you what you don’t want.
I trust that the Great Mystery is telling you to affirm what you do want.

Take impeccable care of you.
Trust everyone who comes into your life is a “holy” healing encounter.
Minds plays tricks on us by believing we can or cannot GET what you want.
The effective way to play is always and only to GIVE what you want.

The reason I can say I never quit on LOVE is because I would no longer be fully alive without giving Love.

Song I wrote many years ago.
Give Love and let it show.
Give Love and let it grow.
Give Love and you will know.
Doing what comes naturally.

Love is our natural state.
Wholeness is our natural State.
Joy is our natural state.
When we do not experience this, we have stepped away from Truth, our spiritual Path and Purpose.
Betty Lue