Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Overwhelmed or Tired?

Depressed or Discouraged?
Ready to quit on your self or your goals?
Have you stopped trying and waiting for the other person?
Do you believe you can have what you really want?

Burn out is exhausting yourself “barking up the wrong tree”.
You may feel depressed, scared and like you have lost control of your life.
You may be sick, victimized or feeling lost and alien in a fearful world ..
You may be overwhelmed by all that seems to confront you daily.

What used to work will not work anymore because it have lost its power.
What you did in the past may not give you the payoff it once had.
What you believed may not fit because you seek it is no longer true for you.
When you used to get through the day may not have the same effectiveness.

This is all “on purpose” because you have outgrown your childish ways.
Complaining is for immature  children, tattling to their teacher or Mommy.
Pacifiers and “blankies” are for babies who use immature means to self soothe.
We are growing out of our dependencies and learning to be self sufficient and mature adults.

It is time to stop the madness, the whining and complaining about everyone else.
It is time to take full 100% responsibility for ourselves and our lives.
It is time to stop, look and listen at our own thoughts, words and behaviors.
When we are fully aware and responsible for what we think and do and say, we can begin to be adult.

There is no time to waste, because the world is insisting that we stop blaming others.
Life is showing us we will lose if we do not own our “cause” in every matter.
Yes, I am the one who allowed this to happen.
I am the one who believed this would become  the way it is.
I am the one who did not stop my own disrespect and victimization.
I am the one who irritated and overwhelmed others rather than assume responsibility.
I am the one who needs to drop the old ways and learn how to be a mature adult.
I am the one who is willing to find a better way to live so I can be my best self.
I am the one who will stop nagging, complaining, criticizing and demanding of others.

When you can fully be responsible for your own life, you can make an immediate and positive difference.
As long as you blame anyone or make others feel guilty, you will believe they are the problem.
When you are able to see it is time to grow up and become responsible for your life, you will be free.
When you are willing to be responsible for your thoughts and words and behavior, you will be powerful.

You are the change agent in your own life.
You can make the difference you want to see.
You can change everything your experience.
You can be the one you seek to create a better life.

There is no Mommy or Daddy, hero or warrior, fighting for you to win.
This life is for you to begin again today in everyway.
Start with watching your thoughts, letting go of your dependencies and listen to your words.
You know it is all about you and what you have created to be true.

Begin now to make you life matter to YOU!
Betty Lue