Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Everyday Life, a Co-creative and Inspired Experience!

(If You Want To Know?)

I see my daily Loving Reminders as truly expressing who I am and how I live.
I recognize from your questions that you may be curious about the details (or it may be unimportant!)
I live what I write and speak and teach and I love it all. 
My life works for me because I forgive and choose and appreciate. (30 Day Process)
My entire life is my Loving Reminder, a happy healthy way to play and work for me. 

This last 4 day weekend three of our grandchildren were here with us at the Lake House. Our time with them is filled with activities, games, movies, adventures, horse ranch, park, skate boarding, crafts, visits, homework, sharing ideas, making meals, garden, walking the labyrinth, whatever involves learning and fun. I set aside time and create long weekends + three summer weeks and special holidays for grandkids. They are my teachers and Loving Reminders.

I administer three holistic counseling and healing centers in Pleasant Hill, Brentwood and Hidden Valley Lake, CA These centers were created for unique purposes and each one functions sustains itself.   They are non profit and serve hundreds of clients offering counseling, healing and teaching spaces for over 30 holistic practitioners. They were funded by our personal funds and then supported by those who rent and contribute for the space and the services received. Since we have created over 20 holistic community centers in 5 states over the last 35 years, it is fun, safe, easy, economical and easy for me. No worries, minimal expense and effort with the help of Robert, Reunion Ministers and those who serve.

I also co-minister Unity Center for Inspired Living, a small church, with my husband/partner. 
Robert and I live 2/3 of the week two hours drive away the in Hidden Valley Lake a small community between Calistoga and Clear Lake, CA. We have a new Positive Living Center and Hermitage Retreat here. We invite people here to experience a simpler way of life. Robert and I were called together 28 years ago to Love, Serve and Remember God and Goodness.  We play and work together supporting one another in everything we do.  Using few words and doing our unique part of this shared life, we handle all functions with no arguments, with appreciation and respect for one another. This is the most efficient and effective way to live in relationship with no wasted energy on disagreements or criticism. We each do what we do best and with greatest ease.  All things are accomplished within our own timing and commitment to excellence, happiness and health.  It is truly a fun, safe and easy life. There is trust and freedom in how we live and work and communicate. 

We handle all time, energy and finances with commitment to using everything for the Highest Good.
We listen within for guidance about how and where and whom to serve and with what resources.
We contribute to those whom we encounter with an intention to give our best as though serving ourselves.
We respect and honor others as the Beloved, realizing what we give is given to ourselves.

Our lifestyle is simple, beautiful, organized and promotes inspiration and high levels of creativity.
We prepare all our own meals which are vegetarian, mostly organic, local with little dairy and no eggs.
We enjoy nature, holding hands, creating beauty, laughing, building community and serving.
We love our lives and easily and quickly change what no longer works for either one of us.

We rarely receive phone calls or talk on the phone, relying on email to prevent interruptions.
We watch fun TV, reading or special movie as our down time in the evening.
We do not socialize, except for a 2 hour gathering on Sat. nights with friends to play Train dominoes.
We exercise and have spiritual practice every morning. 
We revisit our personal and co-mission on a regular basis. 
We live by our own values and respect each others’ values and priorities.
We trust in our committed relationship and regard it as a privilege and blessing to be together.

I communicate via Loving Reminders with 1200+ people directly and answer 50-100 emails daily.
Everyday, since 1999, I write and email daily Loving Reminders plus handle Center business.
We do majority of our communication and business on computer with as little paper as possible.  
Robert usually handles the financial, legal and technology stuff as well as maintenance and errands.  
I handle PR writing, creating classes, workshops, retreats, daily and annual schedule, correspondence, home, personal care and meals, coaching, counseling and teaching.
I am responsible for staff and center admin at three centers and Robert is responsible for Unity church.

We have 20-30 appointments in person, skype and on phone each week. 
We teach about 5-10 hours each week at the three centers.
We offer retreats for individuals, couples and small groups at Reunion Hermitage House across the street from our home in Hidden Valley Lake.
We offer an annual retreat for small groups in Kona, Hawaii.
We teach, mentor, coach and encourage others to live with purpose, serve others well and share their gifts.
We have a very full, focused and fun life and laugh often with gratitude.
We share how amazing life can be when you trust and free yourself to live every moment with purpose, power and peace.

Loving you in freeing you to live the unlimited life of Love, 
Betty Lue

Inviting you to visit (or move to) Hidden Valley Lake, CA

Robert and I have chosen Hidden Valley Lake as our primary residence.
We have a guest house, Hermitage, for individuals, couples, families and retreat guests.
We live across the street in our Reunion Lake House.
We just opened the Positive Living Center on Hwy #29 to serve the greater community.

We spend 2 1/2 days/week renting a small apartment one block from Reunion Center.
We serve at Brentwood Unity Center for Inspired Living and Pleasant Hill Reunion Center. 
Both are non profit and have many programs and practitioners to utilize the space.

Some Benefits of Living in Hidden Valley Lake, CA
Beautiful drive….approximately two hours from the Bay Area.
Environmentally conscious and gated community with a diversity of residents.
Small spring-fed clean lake, boat dock and ramp, stocked with fish, two beaches for swimming.
Golf course, tennis courts, campground, club house, stables, restaurant, small shopping center.
Recreational activities, clubs and social events planned by the home owners association.
Quality maintenance of roads and public spaces with HOA has low monthly dues.
Beautiful setting with river and creeks, lake, mountains and awesome views.
Lots of natural wildlife, deer, raccoons, birds galore, even some wild pigs along the highway.
Lake County has the cleanest air in the state, due to no industry or major highways.
Hot summers and cool winters, minimal or no snowfall. Zone 9. 
Lots of sunshine all year round.
Grocery stores have great fresh produce and natural foods.  
Small town feeling in Middletown 7 minutes away and Clear Lake about 20 minutes away. 
Oakland Airport  2 hr. 10 min. 102 miles and Sacramento Airport 1hr. 54 min 105 miles.
Rents from $900-$1200 and housing for sale from $100K-$400K on the lakefront. 
For Sales: Lorrie Me Murray at 707-987-1932  For rentals Julianne Schisler at 707-987-1937.

Plus: We live here and would love to have you join this quiet and happy community.
We are organically building spiritual or inspired here in Hidden Valley Lake, CA.
With gratitude, love and respect, Betty Lue Lieber and Robert Waldon

For more info, feel free to contact me.