Saturday, February 02, 2013

Is Anyone Listening?

Are you true to your Self?
Do you honor your values?
Do you know your purpose?
Are you committed to Being True to You?

Is it possible you are a Piece of God?
Can you believe you are a creative Being?
Do you trust you are here to Be Good, Do Good and Have Good?
Are you committed to live and give The Good within you?

When we listen to our learned inner thoughts, we often feel inadequate, broken and misguided.
When we listen to our fearful thoughts, we may be convinced we need to defend and correct.
When we are stuck in a pattern of defensiveness and guilt, we tend to recreate the same stuff.
When we keep seeing and being and receiving what we don’t want, we may quit on ourselves.

The Piece of God, is my one goal, the aim of all my living here, the end I seek, my purpose and my function and my life. ( Notice how I spelled “piece”.)
We know we are on purpose when we are happy.
When we forgive everything that is not whole and happy and true for us. 
Forgiveness is the key to happiness and offers everything we want.

When we listen deep within, our true voice can speak to us.
When we listen to the Voice for Good within, we know Who We Are and Why we came.
When we listen to our Heartsong, we can hear the Voice for Love and Goodness guiding us.
When we listen to the Source of all Love and Good within us, we remember the Love We Are.

And so it is, we come home to our True Self.
By quieting the outer distractions and voices for what is not Loving and Good, we can hear.
By forgiving ourselves for being distracted and afraid, we can begin to trust in the inner call for Love.
By happy willingness to learn and remember, we can release the past and live as the Gift We Are.

There is a voice within you that Knows You and guides you to true and lasting happiness.
There is a voice within you that Loves the Goodness and Beauty within you.
There is a voice within you that Guides you to Forgiveness and inner Peace.
There is a voice within you that Heals and Helps you believe and Trust in the Good within you.

Listen for the voice for Good.
Listen to the sounds of silence.
Listen with you whole heart and mind.
Listen to Remind You of your Holy Purpose.

Life is good and getting better everyday in everyway when we listen within.
Life is an invitation to recognize the way home to ourselves.
Life is a roadmap showing us the safe, fun and easy way is by listening within.
Life offers us the choice to heal, learn, enjoy and be blessed or continue down the old familiar path.

Listen for Love.
Look for the Light.
When you hear the voice of Love,  you will trust your way.
When you see the place just right for you, you will appreciate your life.

Loving us all in listening for our path of Goodness, Wholeness and Beauty,
Betty Lue