Thursday, February 21, 2013


Honesty is living in integrity.
Honesty is telling the same truth to everyone.
Honesty is giving your best to everyone equally.
Honesty is recognizing that the truth you tell is what you create.
Honesty is sharing what works for all.
Honesty is knowing and telling the inspiring Truth.
Honesty is ignoring what you no longer want to be.
Honesty is appreciating what you want to be.
Honesty is living your values and priorities.
Honesty is speaking and behaving from your highest intention.
Honesty is remembering what you give you will receive.
Honesty is saying the words that are helpful and effective.
Honesty is remembering that your truth may not be theirs.
Honesty is honoring your part and sharing your loving perception.

What do I say, when I do not like what I hear?
This is not true for me.
What do I say, when I want to say NO?
Thanks for asking.  This is not best for me right now.

What do I say when asked what I do not know?
I do not know. Where could we find the answers?
What do I say when afraid to offend?
My opinion is not relevant or helpful. Please do what is true for you.

What do I say, when I want to share my ideas and opinions?
May I share my ideas and opinions with you?
What do I say, when someone is critical and attacking?
Thank you for sharing.  I will take it into consideration.

What do I say when I want to share love and appreciation freely?
Please allow me to share how very much I love and appreciate you.
What do I say when feeling angry and upset?
Please excuse me while I get clear and can speak freely. (Step away!)

The work in communication is to find a way to express so that the other can hear you.
When we attack, or judge, the other will defend and block the love being shared.
The ideal in all encounters is to do not harm and be truly helpful.
When there is trust, we can find a way to share everything with loving intention.

Choose always and only to give the best you have.
If you do not have the best, take space and heal yourself.
When we are not loving, trusting and respecting ourselves, it is difficult to engage another with our best.
What is best for you is best for others.

Listen within and you will know what is the highest Truth for you to share,
Loving you, 
Betty Lue