Sunday, February 10, 2013

All Paths Serve

There are many paths for each one to follow.
There are many parts to play in the learning laboratory of life.
There are many people who try to play others’ parts.
There are those who see only to fulfill their calling and destiny.

The destination is the same.
All awakening to the I AM Presence.
All remembering the Love from which we came.
All giving only Good and receiving All Good we have given.

Each one seeking for the best path or the safest path or the most famous path or the most fierce path.
No one really know what others need to be or do, but trying to advise and scrutinize.
When we mind our own business, we give and receive the advice we have given.
When we know we are here to remember our way, we share through our demonstration to honor our own.

What does it take to free our mistakes and see them as guidance of what is not true ….for us?
What does it take to understand that each man, woman and child is living their part?
What does it take for us to remember that coming together in love frees the way for one and for all?
What does it take not to forsake our own essential life purpose and path?

We can step away into our silence and listen within.
We can stop malingering with excuses and defenses and honor our own way home.
We can choose to forgive our detours and delays, distractions and disappointment and begin again today.
We can commit to live the life we have been given and give ourselves trust and respect to do it our way.

Today is the first day and the last.
Today is the time to forgive the past.
Today is the beginning of our performance.
Today is the choice to have the life we know is true for us.

Let go of judging and criticizing others’ choices.
This is a waste of your time and a great distraction.
Let go of trying to get the love and approval you want.
This is futile in a world where everyone is trying to find their own way.

We can only see in another what we have revealed in ourselves.
We can only forgive what we have forgiven within ourselves.
We can only give with integrity what we truly have and live.
We can only understand what we have fully know and understood within.

Stop working out other’s puzzle and map to success.
Stop working on how to help when you need the help you give.
Stop wasting energy trying to fix what may not be wanted or need to be fixed.
Stop offering your best until you have given your best to yourself.

Gifts that we don’t have are difficult to give.
Gifts that we share must be received as we give them.
Gifts that are truly valued are never lost or lessened in the giving.
Gifts that are true are what truly belong to you.

I trust your path to be one in which you learn the lessons of love.
I respect your choices as you learn to follow your inner voice.
I believe what is true for me may not be true for you.
I know we are here to find the Truth of Love within in our own way. 

See, love and respect all differences.
Betty Lue

 I grew up with a family where there was no judgment or criticism of others. 
There was no gossip. We loved and gave generously to others with no credit.
Our door was open to live, support and encourage all who cam our ways.
 We trusted in our provision. We feared noting and no one.  No locked doors.
Open to all different opinions and ideas openly discussed. 
We saw ourselves as ambassadors of kindness and respect.
I never heard disrespectful language or saw rude behavior.
We understood and respected everyone’s right to believe and live as each chooses.
We knew all people and all faiths were right for those who practiced them.
We shared our philosophies and discussed esoteric questions freely.
Everyone was loved equally and all were treated with respect.

Therefore, it is usual for me to respect all people and all paths.
It is right for me to live my way and easily encourage others to live theirs.