Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What do You Value Most?

What are your true priorities?
Do you give yourself what you value?
Do you honestly live your priorities?
We may talk about what we want, but the real question is in how we live!

I value peace and Love and Happiness and Freedom.
I spend most of my day in peace-filled and loving activities.
I begin and end every communication with a clear intention and commitment for Peace and Love.
I experience Happiness when I give myself this experience.

When I experience conflict, fear, unhappiness or Restriction, I stop and choose again.
When I neglect to acknowledge my intention, I forgive myself and choose again.
When I forget what matters most to me, I take a deep breath and Ask: “What is your Truth?”
When I get caught in others’ anxt or sorrow or judgment or upset, I forgive us both and remind myself.

When we claim we know what we want, we need to look at what we have.
When we have what we “don’t want”, it is because we allowed it to be……we created it.
When we experience what we hate or fear or deny or hurts, we may have taken on others thoughts.
When we judge what is not ours, mistakenly we may believe and judge it is so.

Judgment makes it real.
Judgment gets us stuck.
Judgment holds it in place.
Judgment stops the flow.

When we focus on what is wrong, why it happened, where it came from and blame, we get stuck.
When we make something real with our attention, we increase the pain and problem.
When we think it was caused externally, we believe we need and external savior, solution and salve.
When we deny our own creative thoughts or false beliefs, we limit our ability to let it go.

The mind can heal, once we reveal what upsets us.
The mind can let go, once we let show what blocks our way.
The mind will know, once we open the flow which way to go.
The mind is healer or slayer, and we directs its choice.

Where we judge ourselves or judge the apparent problem, we distrust our ability to choose.
When we honor our choices and the decisions that we make, we can easily choose to change.
When we easily forgive and release the distraction or interruption, we can focus on our value.
We are the One who chooses stuckness or freedom, conflict or peace, fear or love.

Choosing to change your mind changes your life.
Choosing to attend to what you value, create success.
Choosing to focus on solutions rather than problems, opens the flow.
Choosing to value what you really want, rather than what you don’t want, changes your experience.

Trusting you to value you and what you choose to value and prioritize.
Betty Lue