Thursday, January 03, 2013


In God we trust.
Trust in Goodness.
Trust in Love.
Trust in You.

The indwelling Spirit is your guide.
The indwelling Truth is your light.
The indwelling Love is your healer.
The indwelling Abundance is your Provider.

What more could you ask?
Whom do you ask?
What do you seek? 
Whom do you trust?

There is a myth that God placed the Truth where you would forget to look!
Within you!
Is it possible that you have been looking in all the wrong places?
Could it be that you have been playing hide and seek with your Real Self?

For those who seek external answers, read and listen to those who listen within.
For those who seek external approval, go to those who love and approve of themselves.
For those who seek unlimited provision and supply, learn from those who are abundant in all Good.
For those who seek health and vitality, observe and admire those who are enthusiastic with service.
For those who seek companionship and love, keep company with those who love everyone.
For those who seek connection with the Divine, pay attention and affirm those who listen within.

When we place our trust in the ephemeral, we experience uncertainty and doubt.
When we place our trust in the eternal, we experience certainty and trust.
When we are attached to what is temporary, we feel fear of loss and lack.
When we are devoted to what is forever, we feel comfort and inner peace.

It may be time to look for lasting peace.
It may be time to trust in what is certain.
It may be time to give what has heart and meaning.
It may be time to know, love and be true to the Voice within.

This is the path I have chosen for the last 36 years.
I have learned that living life trusting in inner guidance is fun, safe and easy.
I have experienced when I live the ways of the world, I step off my path into uncertainty.
I trust that there is a place within me (and you) that we can trust.

Betty Lue

Dear One:
I want you to believe in what you really want.
I encourage you to trust that everything always works together for Good.
I invite you to forgive and erase every unloving thought.
I know your history tells you what you don’t want.
I trust that the Great Mystery is telling you to affirm what you do want.

Take impeccable care of you.
Trust everyone who comes into your life is a “holy” healing encounter.
Minds plays tricks on us by believing we can or cannot GET what you want.
The effective way to play is always and only to GIVE what you want.

The reason I can say I never quit on LOVE is because I would no longer be fully alive without giving Love.

Song I wrote many years ago.
Give Love and let it show.
Give Love and let it grow.
Give Love and you will know.
Doing what comes naturally.

Love is our natural state.
Wholeness is our natural State.
Joy is our natural state.
When we do not experience this, we have stepped away from Truth, our spiritual Path and Purpose.

Opportunities to awaken and remember:
Creating the Life You Want at Positive Living Center in Hidden Valley Lake, 12 weeks begins Jan. 9, 7PM
Good Living Classes at Reunion Center in Pleasant Hill, CA, twice Monthly on Mondays at 7PM
Sunday Services at Unity Center for Inspired Living in Brentwood, CA, 10 AM plus workshops monthly.
Retreats at Reunion Lake House and Hermitage, Hidden Valley Lake, CA ( individual and group)
My books: Relationships Reminders (Healing Reminders coming this summer and Family Reminders in the fall)
Reunion Ministry Program with application and 1-3 years facilitation training.

I have created and facilitated many different opportunities for everyone.
Recognize your Authentic Self
Awaken to Spirit Within
Balance mind, body and Spirit
Actualize your inner potential
Live your Spiritual Vision.

I am available to you as coach and mentor, teacher and guide, counselor and advisor, helper and Presence.
Loving, always Loving, 
Betty Lue