Friday, January 11, 2013

The Time Is Now to Create the Life You Want

There is no time like the present to show up.
There is no time like each encounter to pay attention.
There is no time like this one to tell the Highest Truth.
There is no time like right now to let go and trust in Goodness.

To live what we believe is key to actualization.
When we are fully present, we can see when we are out of integrity.
There is no better time than now to make the corrections needed.
There is no reason to wait or hesitate or procrastinate.

Excuses are just our way of being right about doing nothing or playing victim.
To make other people or situations responsible for our life choices is weakening.
To allow our own choices to take second or even last place diminishes our worth.
When we do not do and live what we believe to be true, we limit and frustrate ourselves.

To create life as we want it to be requires that:

1)   We know what we want.

2)   We believe we deserve it.

3)   We are willing to clear the obstacles.

4)   We undo the beliefs that are not true.

5)   We create reminders and support.

6)   We eliminate negative or limiting thoughts.

7)   We practice each day appreciation for our lives.

8)   We continue clarifying our real wants and priorities.

9)   We honor the work we do to crystalize our vision with our words and actions.

What will it be today for you?
Is it time for you to get up and get moving physically, mentally and spiritually?
Are you ready to be the change you want to see?
Are you willing to realize your life is an example for all those around you?
Do you see you are teaching your world by everything you think and say and do?

Life is choice.
When we are grateful for our choices and our creations, we choose and create more freely.
When we are critical, judging and fearful, we choose and create less with doubt and uncertainty.
Primary blocks to creation are the fear of making mistakes, being wrong and getting judged.

When we forgive all judgments and appreciate all creations, we are delighted to create again.
When we live free of expectation and disappointment, innocent and trusting, we create easily.
When we honor and learn from and with all we experience, we live naturally simply by being.
When we realize we are creative beings, here to create the life we want, we choose again and again.

Let go and trust in the good within you.
Let go and release the need to please and get approval.
Let go and give open-mindedness and appreciation to everything.
Let go and trust in the natural course correction as we live with freedom and trust.

Be free in creating what is Good and Whole and Beautiful,
Betty Lue

PS True Forgiveness is creating a blank canvas for everyone to create what they want.