Friday, January 18, 2013

Play Dates

Do you have play dates with your friends?
Do you have Play dates with your children and grandchildren?
Do you have play dates with your partner or spouse?
Do you have play dates with yourself?

This weekend one of our granddaughters is with us for her own play date.
She wants some time being an only child and being treated like a grownup.
She wants quiet time, snuggle time, silly time and nature time.
She wants to be able to wake up when she wants and watching cartoons.

If you gave yourself a “play date”, what would be your request?
Many adults become so “adulterated”, they lose the ability to want what they really want.
Often we become so rigid in our rules and requirements, we forget the feeling of freedom.
We may even neglect our own joy and conform to the “have to’s” and “shoulds”.

Consider where you really like to be to feel happy and free.
Imagine who you feel encourages you to make your own choices.
Where do you find just the right amount of quiet and interaction?
Invite yourself to take one day to eat, sleep, read, play and do what is happy for you.

As you recognize how many limits you have placed on yourself, you can forgive each one.
As you realize your need to please others first, you can take a moment to Please yourself.
As you understand that you have conformed to the world rather than listen within, you can free yourself.
As you forgive you, please you and free you, you begin to get a glimpse of how happy you can be.

Life can be fun, safe and easy when we trust and free ourselves to Be ourselves.
Life may be serious, fearful and difficult when we distrust and restrict ourselves.
Adulteration comes from abiding by the rules of society and listen only to outside voices.
Innocence and present moment living create a life that flows with wonder, joy and exploration.

Give yourself some space where no one is watching.
Give yourself some time where no one is counting on you.
Give yourself some room to explore what you really want.
Give yourself the freedom and love to have what is best for you.

Often we choose what is adult, because we don’t know the joy of being a child.
We may go to books or stay in bed or eat ice cream or just work on our play date with self.
When we keep asking and looking and forgiving ourselves, we can listen within.
When we try something and don’t like it, we can change our minds quickly and easily.

To know you is to love you.
Take the time to know you  and love you.
Trusting yourself is a key to freedom.
Freeing yourself is the key to loving you.

Wanting you to have the life you really want.
From my heart to yours.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue