Sunday, January 27, 2013

Loving You Is Loving Me!

My life from the beginning has been about Love.
I do not see your happiness separate from mine.
I do not see your blessings as less or more important than mine.
I know that we each can begin to share the best we have with joy.

There is no sacrifice or martyrdom when we know we are One.
There is no separation or evaluation when we dare to care.
There is no lack and no loss when we give for no cost.
There is no less or more, higher or lower, when we recognize the Son, the family of humanity.

My life as I awaken each morning is a gift to be given.
Life on its own, unshared and uncared for, has no value.
The meaning of life is found in sharing and caring.
When we ignore, dismiss or deny our value, we deplete the gift.

We are always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing to learn something meaningful.
When we judge we are in the wrong place, we lose any sense of meaning or purpose.
When we ignore the value of being right here and right now, we miss the learning value.
When we discredit our own value and purpose, we may feel ashamed, confuse, guilty and./or resentful.

It takes courage to be responsible for our choices of appreciation or deprecation.
It requires strength to rise about human emotions and face what is really being learned.
It asks willingness to stop, look and listen within for the learning value of everything.
We are invited to choose always to be fully responsible for our lives and our life experiences.

Loving yourself is to trust and respect the choices you make and the experiences you have.
Loving yourself asks you to trust there is a reason and purpose for everything.
Loving yourself is forgiving the judgments, criticisms and fear we have in facing our life as it is.
Loving yourself is being a happy willing learner always seeking to seek what is meaningful in life.

Giving adds meaning.
Living fully adds meaning.
Being passionate about someone or something adds meaning.
Being open-minded and appreciative adds meaning.
Appreciating yourself adds meaning.
Appreciating your creations adds meaning.
Trusting there is a reason and purpose for everything adds meaning.
Knowing we are here together to love one another adds meaning.

Freeing ourselves from meaninglessness is key.
When we hide behind the ordinary way of living, we forsake adventure, risk, stepping out in faith.
When we always do what is accepted and expected, we get stuck in seeking compliance and comfort.
When we go along to get along and forget to honor our authentic self, we lose our passion and purpose.

It take very little to choose to change one thing.
There are no real excuses for stopping ourselves.
We can choose to change everything in one simple moment.
Bless you for being a happy willing learner, open to be reminded that your life matters.

Loving and appreciating you, Betty Lue

I am here to inspire, encourage and facilitate everyone in purposeful living and joyous giving.
When your life has meaning and you are happily willing to do the work, life works for you.

1) Do You want to study A Course In Miracles(A minimum of a year and 36 yrs. for me) 
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2) Do You want direction in how to Create the Life You Really Want?
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Betty Lue

“Your contributions Of Love bless me and Reunion Ministries in many ways. 
You are the wings on our feet, the song in our hearts and the breath of Spirit in the work we do for Love.  
Know always that we are in this together.  
Alone we can do nothing.  
Together In Love, there is nothing we cannot do.  
I bless your willingness to join us in this joyful service.( serve-us)”  
Loving you,  
Betty Lue