Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life Is For Giving. You Are The Gift.

When we give our blessing, we receive the blessing.
When we give a curse, we receive a curse.
When we offer judgment, we receive judgment.
When we give healing, we receive healing.

Life is basic.
What we give, we receive.
Life is simple.
We can change everything by changing our mind.

When we show neediness, we receive more neediness.
When we speak bad stuff, we receive more bad stuff.
When we show kindness, we receive more kindness.
When we speak gratitude, we receive more gratitude.

What we see is what we create with our thoughts and attitude.
What we feel is what we allow in that resonates with our beliefs.
What we say comes from the words we carry in our minds.
What we know is what we have chosen to hold in consciousness.

The more we give, the more we have.
The more we tell stories of pain and suffering, the more we have pain and suffering stories to tell.
The more we share hope and good news, the more we have hope and good news.
Life is simple and not complex in truth.  
(Only in our defensiveness does it seem complicated.)

When we realize all we give is given to ourselves, we may stop sharing negativity.
When we recognize that the world is a reflection of our inner beliefs, we may clean up our own mind.
When we understand that what we forgive within us will be a healing for others, we may forgive it all.
When we appreciate, we are here to do the cleaning, clearing and holy work, we may do the work.

There is no need to pass around the “poopy” stuff, except to increase the bad smell.
There is no value in continuing what we have always done, except to get the same results.
There is no worth in making others believe stories of hardship and victimization, unless we want sympathy. 
There is no reason to share our stories of terror, trouble and suffering, except to get others to buy in.

Sell hope and healing and you will experience more hope and healing for everyone.
Tell stories of learning and letting go and you will experience more wisdom and release.
Stop speaking and acting from the place of familiarity and try novel ways of undoing and forgiveness.
Only give and share the goodness, beauty and wholeness in life and you will create more of the same.

You are created to create what is Good and Whole and Beautiful.
You are here to be truly helpful.
You are called to demonstrate unlimited Love and healing.
Give Goodness to you and to all.

Giving the best I know to all.
Betty Lue

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I Am open and willing to learn from and with everyone
I trust all and free all to be all they are called to be.
Robert and I contribute over 50% of our time to serving others (volunteering).
We contribute financially more than 50% of what we receive.
We contribute monthly to where monies are loaned for folks worldwide and is repaid to be used again and again.
We are here to Love unconditionally, Serve from the heart and Remember God.

Why give?
My life is for giving.
It is in giving freely that I receive the abundant life I have.
This is my gift to myself and to you and to my world.

Giving is creating.
Giving is contributing.
Giving is appreciating.
Giving is creating gratitude and abundance for all.

When I give to you, I am giving to myself.
When I give to you, I benefit.
When I give to you, I create a better happier, more safe and loving world.
Why not give to you?
Betty Lue 2013