Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Forgiveness Sets Us Free

Forgiveness is the magic eraser.
Forgiveness is a mental eraser.
Forgiveness clears the mind and body.
Forgiveness is the gift of innocence.

To return to our natural state of “innocence” is to return to our “inner sense”.
To remember the Truth is to go within.
To live whole and happy and free is to see the Good within.
To have the Life we want is to live the Love We Are.

There is nothing to get.
There is everything to give.
When we are giving, we are living.
When we are forgiving, we are Living Love.

For the ones who do not know any better, they live in fear.
For the ones who do not trust, they act with defensiveness.
For the ones who do not love themselves, they seek for Love.
For the ones who have not forgiven, they cannot believe.

It is good to know where you are in this process of forgiveness.
It is Ok to be right where you think you are, or you would be conflicted.
It is helpful to see where you want to be, when you forgive.
It is forgiving to notice where others seem to be and believe and live.

Let’s first give up judging ourselves.
Let us begin to realize we learn from our mistakes.
Let us choose to look again at what we do not understand.
Let us forgive our errors now and see what shows up next.

When we are attached to what we expect, we may get hurt.
When we are clinging to what we get, we may feel loss.
When we get stuck in getting our way, we may feel resentful.
When we are righteous about what we know, we may feel attacked.

Life is a constant reminder of what we believe and are determined to see.
When we want something else, we will see something else.
When we want to know what works, we will seek what works for us.
When we want to clear the fear, we will forgive all we hate and attack with our thoughts, words and actions.

Time to forgive and choose again.
Time to erase and face the Light.
Time to undo the outer voices and listen within to our heart.
Time to seek and find a better way of living and giving.

The blessings already are, when we are willing to see things differently.
Betty Lue

2013 It’s Your Time to Truly Be!

Are you willing?
Are you open?
Are you ready?
To let go of fear and really be clear?

This requires your willingness.
Are you willing to undo what no longer is true for you?
Are you willing to be all you are see and to speak and to be?
Are you willing to do the work to let go of the past and forgive?

I invite you to join me in a most delightful journey full of freedom and trust.
Once again I am recommitting to offer everything good and true I know.
I sincerely want us all to know wholeness, happiness and peace.
Will you consider seeking, finding and living the way that works for you?

Only for those who are called: ( Choose what works for you!)
1) Using the Daily Loving Reminders as a call to your authenticity and self realization.

2) Participating in Creating the Life You Want in Hidden Valley Lake or Pleasant Hill.

3) A Course in Miracles via email connection or in person for an early morning group.

4) Or through your own commitment to do the inner work to free your Self to be.

I stand by you.
I walk with you.
I share your commitment.
I commit to continue.
Betty Lue

Let me know your choice and willingness.
We can join in person, via email or skype, classes on CD or online recordings.
I am here with you and for you, because we are in this together.