Saturday, January 05, 2013

Do You Know You?

Do you know the Real You?
Do you speak the Honest Truth?
Do you disclose the Authentic You?
Can you trust your Whole Self?

What a great time to discover your Authentic Self!
This is the foundation of my work and my life.
This is the basis of my Reunion Ministry Program.
These are the fundamentals of an inspired and spiritual Life.

Recognize your Authentic Self
Awaken to Spirit within
Balance mind, body and Spirit
Actualize your inner potential
Live your Spiritual Vision.

Whatever path you choose as you seek your Authentic Self, you will experience “wake up calls”.
They may be minor or major upsets, interferences, challenges, and blocks to Unconditional Love.
Each of these moments is an opportunity to forgive, undo, release, stop, look and listen within.
When we give ourselves the freedom , time/space, to listen, learn, laugh and let go, we awaken.

Life is not so complicated as our minds make up.
Life can be fun, safe and easy.
Life has become complex so we can hide behind excuses, justification, research, analysis and more.
Life is the basic natural process of learning what works and letting go of what doesn’t work.

After 35 years of staying awake to learn what works and doesn’t work, I still am learning.
The learning doesn’t end when you awaken.
The learning becomes more refined.
We can live in a monetary, ashram or cave to keep it simple, but the world offers more learning.

We can depend on someone else to keep us awake. (But they may fall asleep or be pretending!)
We can blame others for their bad driving and poor advice.
We can get glasses and read holy books.
Nothing but life will teach us all we are here to learn and remember.

Learning is fun, safe and easy.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
Making mistakes is fun, safe and easy.
Forgiving is fun, safe and easy.

The simplest and easiest path is Love.  
To love yourself and your learning is the gentle way to go.
I know.
Betty Lue