Thursday, January 31, 2013

Are You Listening?

My next Sunday talk at Unity Center for Inspired Living, Feb. 3 10 AM 50 Sand Creek Rd, in Brentwood, CA is titled “Listen Within.”  
All talks are recorded and available online at (under past talks)  
While I often write reminders re: topic, I always speak by listening within with curiosity and allowance for what I am called to say. 

What do you listen for?  It’s your choice.
Are you listening for the traffic or the birds singing their happy song?
Are you listening to the weatherman or listening for the emotional weather within?
Are you listening to the news of what is wrong or the good news of caring and love?
Are you listening for what doesn’t work or for what does work?

How do you listen?  It’s your choice.
Do you listen to voice of your mother, father, friends and family or listen to your own choice?
Do you listen to your common sense mind or your imaginative, creative inspired mind?
Do you listen to what is customary and usual or for what is extraordinary and miraculous?
Do you listen do the scary stuff to find your best defense or to your trusting mind for what you believe?

When do you listen?  It’s your choice.
Do you listen when you cannot decide?
Do you listen when you are upset?
Do you listen in the quiet of the night?
Do you listen only when nothing you do works?

Where do you listen?  It’s your choice.
Do you listen in the midst of your pain?
Do you listen when the world is screaming at you?
Do you listen when you pray?
Do you listen by going away?

Who do you listen to?  Only you can choose.
Do you listen to outside authorities or experts or listen to your inner authority?
Do you listen to media and magazines, your friends or to those who live the values you desire?
Do you listen to opinions, gossip or science, to stories or substance?
Do you listen to what you wish you could believe or how to be and live what you want?

Listen Within.
Are you willing to listen within?
Do you know how to begin?
Are you willing to receive only Good?
Do you know how to Trust what you hear?

So often people deny their inner voice.
So many learn to feed the distractions and disappointment.
So many only trust what they see.
So many are afraid to be free.

It’s a choice. 
You can listen to your own inner authority, the author of your life.
You can listen for love or for fear.
You can listen for Truth of for misperceptions.
You can listen for good of for ill.

Blessing you in choosing what is good for you and good for all,
Betty Lue