Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yours To Do

I sit at my computer each morning and write these without forethought or editing.  It comes from 35 years of daily inner listening and writing these reminders to share with you daily since January,1999
They are intended to benefit you and those who read them.  
One line, one simple moment of clarity, one insight, one new practice is all it takes to make the choices, changes and commitments you may need.  
It is our willingness to undo what is not true or helpful or loving that makes the difference.  
Bless us for together choosing a better way.  See for the archived ones.

Yours To Do

In times of darkness, confusion, turmoil and struggle, you are being challenged to wake up.
When we find life is upsetting or difficult, we are experiencing a wakeup call.
When we are blaming someone or something on our troubles, we are invited to forgive.
When we don’t know what to do to get out of the mess or find a better way, we must take responsibility.

When there is more light and greater awareness, you can see more of what is undone.
When you see more, there is more to do or undo, to let go or choose, to clean up and finish.
When you have more work, many want to step aside and make someone else change or blame.
When you are unwilling to do the work in life, the work becomes overwhelming and you get depressed.

Where you see what needs to be done, it is yours to do.
When you find incompletion, it is yours to finish.
When you are aware of resentment, it is yours to forgive.
When you experience unfulfilled promises, it is yours to fulfill or apologize.

When you accept responsibility for your life experiences and relationships, you can do something.
When you become the creator of your life, you can easily and quickly erase what does not work.
When you are an active presence in your own happiness, you can fulfill your hopes and dreams.
When you stop being a victim of people and circumstances, you are empowered to change everything.

When life is a mess, start cleaning.
When you are resentful, forgive yourself.
When you blame someone else, claim your excuses.
When you see your projections, take responsibility.

There is no one to blame.
There is no need for guilt.
There are no victims here.
There are those who seek to avoid responsibility.

When we see how guilt and blame weaken us, we can choose to never again play victim.
When we empower ourselves with forgiveness and choice, we begin to feel hopeful and grateful.
When we see possibilities and appreciate our creations, we can undo, redo, erase and start again.
We are all capable of creating the life we want, when we are willing to take full responsibility.

This is your time to choose for the life you want.
I prefer fun, safe and easy.
I enjoy the work I do everyday.
I take full responsibility for my life.
You can too!

Loving you, 
Betty Lue

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