Monday, December 10, 2012

Who Is Nurturing Us?

Who is nurturing our families?
Who is nourishing our hearts?
Who is nurturing our future?
Who is nourishing our bodies?

Is there anyone home?
Is there anyone in love?
Is there anyone really there when we come home from school and from work?
Is there anyone paying attention to what happens to us when there is no one loving us?

Before women left the home to work for pay, someone was home.
Before we decided we needed more money, someone stayed at home.
Before we forgot the role of mothers, we valued (and took for granted) Mom would be home.
Is there anyone there with a hug, a warm meal, a listening heart and comforting words?

Everyone needs someone to be there.
Our children need a nurturing person to listen and love.
Our children need someone to help with support and encouragement.
Our children need to just feel safe and loved and nurtured at home.

Everyone needs someone to nourish and nurture.
The providers who are out in the world, need someone at home.
The parents single or married, need someone to listen with love.
Those who are in the workplace need to come home to nurturing as well.

When everyone is too busy to listen and care, we feel ignored.
When everyone is hungry, we eat what and when we can.
When everyone is in pain, we use TV, internet, texting and video games to distract ourselves.
When everyone is stressed, we feel alone to do the best we can separately.

The protector and provider is in place and mostly working.
The protector and provider is often father and mother or single parent.
The protector and provider is the masculine energy that is busy doing, controlling, directing.
And where is the one who nurtures and nourishes, helps and supports the provider and doer?

When we left the traditional roles, father working and mother at home, we left a vacancy.
We forgot that an essential part of human development comes with nurturing and nourishing.
When mothers were then expected to do both work outside and nurture inside, it was difficult.
Who is there to feed the family with loving kindness and respect, plus the warm meal?

Who nurtures women?  
Who nurtures men?  
Who nurtures children?
Who make a house a home?

Have we lost connection with our true happiness because no one is there to support and encourage?
Have we left behind the ability to learn good nutrition because everyone is too tired to cook?
Can we no longer teach values of respect and responsibility because no one is home to show kids how?
Are you losing sight of the most essential ingredient in healthy development, being nurture and loved?

We can choose to change what we can see and acknowledge.
We can choose to make a difference now.
We can choose to bring balance to our families.
We can choose to nurture and nourish one another with appreciation, respect and love.

Loving is remembering to nourish and nurture one another with the very best.
No more leftovers.
Put love and listening first into our homes and our everyday lives.
It is up to all of us to remember what is truly most important.

Love One Another.
Give the Best You Know.
Ask how you can be helpful.
Serve from your heart.
Believing in you,
Betty Lue