Sunday, December 16, 2012

What I Do

Just in case you wanted to know.......
Sometimes it helps to know what someone else does to be happy and have a good life.

Mission: I AM the space of Trust and Freedom where Love is Remembered and Wholeness restored.
Purpose: True Happiness.
Function: Forgiveness 
Process: I prefer to be happy and in Love.

So, I choose to forgive, erase, delete and undo everything that interferes with my Happiness.
When I live my mission, I am happy.
When I live my values, I am happy.
When I love, trust, respect and free myself to choose what is best for me, I am whole and happy.

What is do is be True to B’Lue.
My vocation is to honor my life mission, purpose and function to live and give fully and freely.
When I am living my purpose and mission, I am honoring the gifts I have been given.
When I am happy and whole, I am giving All That Is to the Source of my Creator.

I am here to serve.
To serve:
I must serve my whole Self, (Mind, Body, Spirit, Relationships, Home, and All)
I am here to be truly helpful.
I must first be helpful to myself and my creations.
I must keep my own self, relationships, house and life in order.

Where there is chaos or upset I am distracted.
When I am not organized, my energy is difused.
Where I am complaining or criticizing, I am off purpose.
When I am needing something, I have not cared for myself well.
When I am blaming or expecting something from others, I am creating dependency and vulnerability.

I want others to give me, if and when they want to give with gratitude and joy.
I want others to be free to find and follow their own path to happiness, fulfillment and peace.
I want others to love, trust and respect themselves as they live in integrity with their own values.
I want others to live life learning their own lessons and choosing what they want.

Some worldly realities I attend to everyday:
We maintain our home always ready for guests, clean, organized, filled with beauty.
We create every room an inviting place in which we feel welcomed and comfortable.
We eat only good healthy foods, preparing every meal at home from basic ingredients.
We spend no time arguing or in conflict.  Instead we choose functions and roles that please us.
We offer each other support and encouragement for the functions we have chosen.
We pay all bills on time, and live with no debt.
We live on what we have, sharing and contributing 50% + time, money and resources to others.
We appreciate what we have and take good care of it or give it away.
We choose to watch no news and do not listen to advertisements.
We buy the basics because we have what we need.
We eat, sleep, work, play, relax and rest in ways that support our well-being and happiness.
We maintain everything in good repair or replace it as needed.
We relate with silence and speak for clarification, appreciation or sharing the Good stuff.

Spiritual principles I live by:  Just a few that come to mind easily.
I am responsible for my experiences.
When I experience what I do not want, I forgive myself and the experience and choose again.
I recognize that I am here to give and love and serve the Greater good.
I give time, money and energy to Good for the purpose of expanding Good.
I love and appreciate the Good I see to increase Goodness for everyone.
I serve what is for the Highest Good of all and let go of everything that appears not to be.
I learn from everything and everyone, since all things are lessons or opportunities to learn.
I see my life as a learning laboratory or life lessons to be mastered until graduation.
I know I am a volunteer here to teach and practice unconditional Love.
I serve as I am called, listening to Spirit within, following inspiration and inner guidance.
I know that peace and happiness are the result of following the guidance of Spirit within.
I know we are all connected, so when one benefits, everyone is benefitted.
I live my life as an open book, because I do not believe there are secrets.
I prefer to love everyone equally, giving the best I have and know to everyone as One.
No complaining, gossip, guilt or criticism.
Where there is upset or unhappiness, I know it is due to something that is not true to my values.
I am grateful for the wakeup call. I discover what it is and choose again for what is in integrity.
Everything is a lesson to be learned or an opportunity to take responsibility for my experiences.
I choose flexibility and adapt to changes quickly and easily.
I choose to look for creative solutions, listening within for what is good for everyone.
I believe every encounter is healing and holy and treat everyone as I prefer to be treated.

And I share all this with you as I am called or guided to do from listening within.
Please do as you are called to do.
We each have a path and a purpose which is distinct and different from one another.
When you live in integrity with your values and principles and purpose, you will have the good life you want as well.

Loving you,  
Betty Lue