Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What Do You Believe?

I know what I believe is what I perceive.
I know that what I believe I create.
I know that I want to be happy.
I know that what I believe becomes the world I live in.

Therefore I choose to believe in wondrous and happy things…

I believe that underneath all the fears and tears, we love one another.
I believe that miracles are natural and are experienced when we believe.
I believe that we all believe when we are young and innocent.
I believe that you make a difference in my world and I make a difference in yours.

I believe in Love.
I believe in sharing.
I believe in Santa Claus.  
I believe in giving. 

I believe in Goodness.
I believe Goodness created you and me as Good for the purpose of doing Good.
I believe that we want to be Good and do Good and feel Good and experience Good.
I believe that when we believe we are bad, we don’t remember how to be Good.

I believe that everyone is here to remember Love.
I believe we all want to be loved. 
I believe that many have forgotten how to Love.
I believe that many are afraid to love and be Loved.

I believe we need to wake up.
I believe we need to remember.
I believe we need to give the Love We Are.
I believe we are here to remind each other with our Love.

I believe that it is through giving that we receive the Gift we give.
I believe that is its through listening within that we understand Who We Are.
I believe that we are reminders one to another when we we encounter one another.
I believe that is it though our good and loving thoughts, words and deeds that we wake up.

I believe forgiveness erases the past.
I believe forgiveness can undo anything.
I believe that forgiveness sets us free. 
I believe that forgiveness is the key to the return to Love.

I believe that when we live in integrity with what we believe, we are happy.
I believe that when we remember to Love everyone, including ourselves, we are at peace.
I believe that joy gives us the feedback that we are living the Love and Good we are.
I believe that life is simple and can be fun, safe and easy when we remember to listen within.

What do you believe?
Are you a believer or a doubter?
Are you strong in your beliefs or always changing?
Are you living what you believe and seeing it come true?

Loving you and respecting your beliefs,
Betty Lue, The True Believer as I live what I believe.

Thanks to the recommendation of my grandchildren Grandma, you will love this movie!”
Tonight on Christmas Eve. We saw the perfect movie: Rise of the Guardians
I highly recommend that you see this movie, read the books Guardians of Childhood” by William Joyce and let’s “listen to the moon.” 
Much symbology for us all.