Monday, December 03, 2012

Peace Is Our Greatest Gift

Peace opens our hearts to Love.
Peace brings happiness to our lives.
Peace ends all toxic emotion.
Peace offers healing to hearts and minds.

Peace is the door to listen within.
Peace is the place where beauty resides.
Peace is the space of loving reminders.
Peace is the opportunity to release all fear.

Peace is given in silence or words.
Peace offers inspiration and truth.
Peace provides profound wisdom and wholeness.
Peace is the Holiness that reminds us of Home.

From Peace comes deep understanding.
With Peace we know compassion for all.
In Peace there is fun, safety and ease.
Peace, Give Only Peace.

Finding peace within conflict requires patience.
Giving peace during arguments asks for forgiveness.
Offering peace to the suffering encourages healing.
Living in peace within times of resentment and fear requires trust.

When you find yourself agitated, seek silence.
When you feel disconnected, go deeper into your Self within.
When you are caught in the anxiety of conflict, ask for the Highest Good for all.
When you are filled with turmoil and tension, turn your attention to Goodness and Gratitude.

When others bombard you with questions and doubt, be confident in the best outcome.
When you feel lost in a sea of confusion, give yourself the freedom to find a place of peace.
When life seems to show you distractions, delays and detours, seek clarity and calm.
When we have peace within, we easily create and enjoy moments of fun, safety and ease.

Remember to create everyday the solitude and sanity you seek.
Remember in every way to choose for the path of purpose and peace.
Remember to be responsible for seeking what is honest and true.
Remember to be grateful for the opportunity to enjoy what is Good for You.

Think Peace.
Speak Peace.
Act with Peace.
Be at Peace.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue