Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pay Attention

There are no accidents.
Everything in life has a healing purpose.
When we judge, condemn or criticize people and situations, we may miss the healing.
When we stop, look, listen and forgive, we can learn to respond to the healing call.

Everyone is a teacher for one another.  
Our life stories can inspire or discourage one another.  
What we don’t like can teach us what not to do.
What we do like educates and inspires us to do what we value. 

Whom we admire shows us how we want to be, to heal and grow. 
Where we are and the experiences we have are all designed to wake us up.
When we wake up grouchy and afraid, we cannot see and respond to the call for Love.
When we wake up curious, trusting and willing, we can see how we can benefit ourselves and others.

So it is, we are a circle of humanity offering benefit and blessings to everything and everyone.   
We give and receive the gift of forgiveness, and erase with Love the pain, hurt and suffering.
We respond to all things with loving kindness, respect and willingness to forgive our own fears.
We make no assumptions and always give our best, as we remember to pay attention.

Love is the healing agent.
When we cannot be loving, we must first heal ourselves.
When we do not think or speak in respectful ways, we must stop and forgive our own lack of love.
When we are lacking in our ability to treat others and ourselves well, we need to love ourselves well.

Effective Reminders:
Do not make decisions or talk out problems when people are upset.  
Emotions always distort our perceptions, our thoughts, words and behaviors.
Emotional reactions do not offer clarity or Truth.
When we want creative effective and helpful solutions, we must bring our peaceful intention.

Bottled up feelings often explode in hurtful and unproductive ways.
Give yourself permission to ask and answer meaningful questions.
What do you and I really want…more than anything else?
What is the outcome we desire and what can we do to meet everyone’s best interests?

When we seek to be right, we will often create resistance or resentment.
When we seek to be happy, we usually look for what will bring happiness to all parties.
When we want to win, we often generate competition, pushiness and war with words and power.
When we want everyone to be satisfied, we negotiate and mediate positive mutual respectful outcomes. 

When we want harmony, we must first stop our fearful reactions and righteousness.
It requires paying attention and intention for what will be truly helpful.
Life teaches us to join rather than separate so that everyone benefits.
Love shows us how to listen and respond with respect and a sincere desire for peace.

Paying attention to what works for all of us,
Betty Lue