Thursday, December 27, 2012

Moderation in All Things

Some say too much excitement may lead to anxiety.
Pre-Miracle Anxiety followed by Post-Miracle Depression.  
Some see special times of year as stressful, scary or depressing.
You can make today the best day you have ever chosen for yourself!

Every day is an opportunity to choose.
Every day is a time of delight and miracles.
Every day is a choice to forgive and begin again.
Every encounter can be healing and holy.
Every moment can be the One, you have waited for.
Every forgiveness can forgive it all.
Every healing thought can bring healing to everyone for all time.
Every grateful thought offers praise to every mind.
Every word of peace brings more peace to your world. 
Every song of joy bring happiness to one and all.
Every gift of love is a place of kindness.
Every time we see the Light within, we are reminded of our own.
Every place where we end fear and prejudice heals the hatred in the world.

Life is for giving.
We are the Gift.
When we remember to give, we recognize the Gift we are.
When we are trying to “get”, we see ourselves as lacking.

Easy to say.
Safe to realize.
Fun to do.
Life can be fun, safe and easy when you are loving you.

The end of the world as we have known it is when we allow the past to be gone.
The end of 2012 is when we recognize there we are complete with gratitude and blessings.
The end of pain and problems comes by washing away the mistakes of yesterday with forgiveness today.
The end of relationships with honorable closure opens the possibilities of respectful relationships now.

When will we learn, life is not something that we “get” by being good?
Life is what we co-create by the Good we give.
Life does not reward us, but getting a “prize” or “present”.
Life is what we give ourselves by being “present” with Love in us..

Enter into life today, making each encounter Holy.
Enter into relationships today giving each one your Loving kindness.
Enter into the healing of today by seeing everything differently.
Enter into the creations of today by enjoying the process of creating

You are the giver.
You are the gift.
You are the receiver.
You are the Presence.

Loving you in fully realizing the Awesome Allness in You.
Betty Lue
Look for healthy ways to celebrate.