Monday, December 17, 2012

Let’s Be Clear!

We can clean up our thoughts.
We can change our words.
We can choose to behave with respect and kindness.
We can stop violence in our thinking, speaking and behavior.

Anger is unexpressed emotional energy.
Anger is the holding in all of the powerful creative and/or destructive power we hold inside.
When we live withholding our truth, it becomes distorted in the cesspool of lack of expression.
We can forgive, erase, delete, undo and release everything that is not healthy and good for all.

The key question is always, “What Can I do?”
How can I make a difference?
What am I teaching by my words and behavior?
What do I allow to make me angry?
What fears lie under my anger?
How have I denied my own creative power?

Are we willing to stop “HATE”?
I have often said this is the most unhealthy word we use.
To stop hating is to stop using the word.
Let us cease to “hate” anything or anyone including ourselves.

Are we willing to stop violence?
Is it necessary to watch violent movies, cartoons, news videos?
Does it help to see how in humane we are to ourselves, our human family, animals and the earth?
Does it teach children and adults to act out when we are entertained and programmed by violence?

I was raised with no guns or weapons in our home.
My Dad was a pacifist in WWII, but was trained in the infantry.
He would not shoot another “enemy” soldier who might be a young father and husband like himself.
And by the grace of God, the war ended on his way to the front lines.

I learned to not fight to be right.
I learned to use positive power.
I learned to listen and express.
I learned to believe in the power within.

I know there are no victims.
I know we are choosing the experiences we have.
I know we can change our thoughts, words and behavior.
I know I can forgive and choose better ways to live and learn and love.

I know when anyone feels unheard or lack of respect, they do not feel loved and respected.
I know we can unlearn negative demeaning habits of communication and interaction.
I know we can create nurturing and nourishing the goodness and kindness in ourselves.
I know we can change the culture in which we live in our homes, schools and workplaces.

This reminder is what I wrote several days ago.
It feels as though we need to stay awake and aware.
What can you do? What can I do?
We all need to make a change.

Blessings of peace for right action,
Betty Lue