Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Hope, Faith and Joy

Hope is expecting the sun to rise each day.
Faith is knowing and believing that it will.
Joy is the gratitude we feel when our hope and faith become real.
Love is the fulfillment of hope, faith and joy.

To hope is to pray for the highest outcome.
To hope is to wish for what you want to be.
To hope is to envision Good for all concerned.

To have faith is to believe in the Good within all thing.
To have faith is to know everything is in our own best interests.
To have faith is to trust that all things are lessons we need to learn.
To have faith is to live knowing every experience is a blessing.

Joy comes from our hopes being realized.
Joy comes from the gratitude we feel.
Joy comes from giving what is best for all.
Joy comes from living with faith in our heart and minds.

Love is Perfect Trust.
Love is total Freedom.
Love is the Trust that comes from know Goodness and God are present.
Love is the Freedom to let all things be as they are.

When we let go of discouragement, disappointment and depression, we return to Hope.
When we stop doubting, questioning and entertaining conflicting thoughts, we have Faith.
When we let go of regrets, resentment, resistance and resignation, we know Joy.
When we clear all judgment and fear and forgive all worldly experiences, we experience Love.

Some have known only doubt, disbelief, sorrow and fear.
Some hold onto the worst thoughts and feelings to avoid being hurt.
Some remember only the past, because they believe it keeps them safe.
Some deny hope, faith, joy and love because they believe they are faulty and untrue.

What you choose everyday is what truths to believe and live.
What you choose everyday is what to remember and what to forget.
What you choose everyday is how to live the way you want.
What you choose everyday is what to cling to and what to let go.

Your experience is the outcome of your choices.
The life you have is the result of your hope, faith and joy or lack thereof.
What you know is the product of what you believe and live.
When you love yourself unconditionally, you choose to be, do and have the life you want.  

Let go of what you don’t want.  
Choose what you do want.
Loving you,  
Betty Lue