Friday, December 28, 2012

Here for You and with You!

We are here for you.
We are all in this together
What we give, we receive.
What we share, we remember.

This is absolutely true for us, as demonstrated by our lives.
When Robert and I were brought together almost 28 years ago, we knew we were here to serve.
We continue to be inspired to educate and facilitate, to inspire and create, to serve and support.
Our lives have always been dedicated to giving everyone the best we have so that all might benefit!

Love heals.
Peace brings awareness. 
Joy energizes.
Gratitude increases.

Life is an ever-renewing circle of opportunities for awakening to the Good that already is.
When we can see it and feel it and believe that Good awaits us, we are all inspired to find it.
When we know those who are living the Good life, we can forgive where we deny ourselves.
When we forgive resistance, denial, self punishment and fear, we create what we really want.

Are you ready to experience more good in your life?
Are you willing to end all suffering and strife?
Are you open to live and give the Good that you know?
Are you trusting that you too will find ways to heal and to grow?

You will not have what you do not share.
For one to keep it all is not the way of nature.
The sun shines and the rains fall on everyone.
Life is a gift of creation, enjoyment and letting go.

Too often humans are so focused on getting what they want.
People often forget about giving what they have.
Folks get stuck in the fear of keeping what they have gotten.
They don’t see selfishness and hoarding makes things rotten.

Give what you have when it no longer has value for you.
Clean your closets and storage. 
Recycle and reuse what is useable by others.
Share what you have with your human sisters and brothers.

We love because we are Love.
We give because Life is a Gift.
We forgive because the past is gone.
We serve because everything serves US~

Loving you,  
Betty Lue

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