Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

2013 is your year to shine.
2013 is your year to start again.
2013 is your year to stop regret.
2013 is your year to reconnect with the Real You! 

Can you imagine you have something truly important to do?
Is it possible that there is meaning to every day of your life?
Could you be the one to awaken and inspire someone to be happy?
Are you willing to look around for those significant moments in your life?

Everything is an excuse to be in relationship.
Every encounter is holy.
Every moment is a gift.
Each day you live, you are a source of Good in your world.

This may sound like platitudes……
But when you are willing to look, you will find the truth.
When you believe in meaninglessness, nothing will have meaning.
When you seek for the Good, you will awaken to the Good in everything.

And so it is, we awaken ourselves and one another!
I have been sitting at my computer daily and writing what I hear/know within for 14 years.
(You can see the story below.)
I have listened to the voice within…(intuition, Spirit, Voice of God, Consciousness, Higher Self).
I don’t care what you call this sweet space of Grace and Love and Wisdom and Guidance.

I began listening in 1977 after rebirthing sessions and A Course in Miracles came into my life.
The practice was simply to sit quietly and be open.
Vision and guidance came quickly and easily to me because I was naturally innocent and trusting.
I followed the loving wisdom I wrote down daily and my life was filled with natural miracles.

There are two minds or two voices within each one of us.
One is the learned voice for fear and judgment, evaluation and defensiveness.
The other is a natural quiet gentle voice, simply focused on love and peace, trust and happiness.
One offers questions, doubts, discernment and concerns, while the other brings peace and assurance.

When you love yourself totally, you will trust what you hear within.
When you judge yourself for the mistakes you have made, you will question your inner guidance.
When you have forgiven the past and seek only to live in Love, you will quiet your fearful thinking.
When you enjoy the quiet mind, you will open to follow the simple direction you are given.

All have this inner connection from before this life.
It often gets drowned out with our attention to the external apparent world.
We are taught that the outer world rules and must be attended to in order to survive.
When we clear the fear with perfect Love, we find that place within where grace and Truth abide.

Let the Truth inside be your guide.
You know because you are at peace.
You know because it is simple.
You know because there is only Love.

I am loving you now and always,  
Betty Lue