Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Giving Is Everything

Give Love where there is lack of Love.
Give comfort where there is Pain.
Give listening where someone needs to be heard.
Give time where people need togetherness.

Give your Self when there is a call for inspiration.
Give affirmation where others are lost in negativity.
Give joy where there is despair.
Give freedom to those who are stuck.

Where there is difficulty, give what is needed.
Where there is confusion, give what will bring clarity.
Where there is overwhelm, bring simplicity.
Where there is depression, bring hope.

Offer security and assurance to those who are afraid.
Offer acceptance and validation to those who feel discarded.
Share resources with those who seem to have none.
Give inspiration to those who are spiritually impoverished.

Where you see a need, fill it.
Do not give as a martyr.
Give as a friend, brother or sister.
Whatever someone asks, unless it does harm.

When we have given to our own needs, we are fulfilled.
When we have taken impeccable care of ourselves, we are happy.
When we live according to our own values, we are at peace.
When have all we need, we can share fully and freely with others.

To give is to receive.
The Cost of giving is receiving what we have given.
When we give with gratitude and receive, we receive gratitude and joy.
When we give with sacrifice and expectation, we experience resentment and guilt.

What we give is the opportunity to see the vallue of what we have given.
Pay attention to your efforts and watch the response of the receiver.
We begin to notice that what we have given may not be what is wanted.
We may see that the receiver is lacking what we have not given.

I take full responsibility for the giving and receiving.
I learn from noticing what is really missing and then offer what is valued and helpful.
Often the Real Gift being given and received is the Love of the Giver.
It is in those who have little or nothing, the real blessing is revealed.

Take time to notice the eyes  the heart, the appreciation of the receiver. 
Reach out and truly Love, respect and receive the blessing of Giving.
When you are given to, make sure you appreciate the Gift in the blessing being given.
When we stay on the surface, we see and feel and receive only our value of the Gift.

Remember, we are here for Giving.
We can realize and remember the Gift We Are, when we receive the value of the Giver.
Take time to really respond with Love to the Love behind each gift.
Realize fulfillment comes with honoring the Giver and the Receiver.

Loving You as I receive your Love and appreciation and Value for the Gifts I Give.
May you receive even one word or phrase as my heartfelt Gift of Love for You!
Betty Lue

At holiday time, our Unity family takes a holiday party with many gifts to the women and children in a home for recovery.
We go caroling with teddy bears and book marks to local memory care unity in assisted living home and another nursing home.
Robert and I offer help to parents of our grandkids to get ready for the Holidays and some respite during Christmas break.
We pay attention to the needs throughout the year and respond according to the needs, recognizing that extended family helps.

Look around you and give where there is a need.
Give to where you can easily share with joy.
Give to what has value, heart and meaning,to the receivers.
Give and receive fully the gift of your Giving.
It is why we are here..........