Saturday, December 01, 2012

Compare, Compete, Cooperate or Quit?

Do you compare yourself with others?
Do you compete to get attention and rewards?
Do you cooperate with others to get the job done?
Do you quit when you don’t get your needs met?

When we compare, we may see ourselves as better or worse than others.
We may feel critical of others or of ourselves.
We may judge what is wrong with others and make ourselves “right”.
We may judge what is wrong with us and make others better than us.

When we compete, we may try to be better than others.
Competition may be our motivation for improvement.
Competing may become a way of outdoing and outperforming others.
We may use our competitive nature to defeat others rather than to improve ourselves.

When we cooperate, we join with others to create a win-win success.
When one wins, we all win and there are no losers.
When we join, we become One and build a sense of collective wholeness.
When we cooperate, everyone’s piece is the perfect part of the whole.

When we are discouraged by losing or defeating others, we may quit.
We may quit because we do not know how to have happiness and peace.
Quitting is stepping away from the game of life because we do not know how to play successfully.
People quit at relationships, jobs, and living, because they get stuck in judgment and pain.

There are those who choose to lose, be last and least and help others win.
There are those who stay under the radar, because they don’t want to compete or join.
There are those who simply choose not to play the game and remain the same.
There are those who are just playing an alternate game which may seem irrelevant.

Life is a place of choice.
Each choice provides its own learning.
We can choose to strive and grow or be lazy and maintain.
We can choose to quit and contract, die and step out.

There is no one right way to play.
There is your way to be chosen by you.
When you forgive all judgments and learn, all choices are open for you.
When you release what others think, believe, make up and make right, you are free to choose your way.

Blessings on the paths, many and diverse, you may choose just for you.
Loving you,  
Betty Lue