Friday, December 21, 2012

Can You See What Really Is?

Do you see the Love?
Do you appreciate the Beauty?
Are you aware of the Goodness?
Do you value the Blessings?

You don’t find what you want by complaining about what you don’t have.
When we cannot see, it is because we judge and fear what we have judged.
When we forgive, erase and delete our judgments, we begin to see.
When we undo what we don’t want to be true, we see what is really true.

The change begins within.
When we recognize the change agent (ourselves), we can be responsible.
When we acknowledge that we create our lives with our thoughts, we can do the work.
When we blame our perceptions and experiences on outside sources, we are victims.

Complaining, feeling sorry for ourselves, commiserating leads to more of the same.
Adjusting our attitude to be fully aware of human error and lack of Love, begins change.
We all are responsible and able to respond differently.
We each can change our minds, our beliefs, our perceptions and our choices.

The Beauty is here and now.
One deep breath of full appreciation brings more Light and delight.
When we Open fully to the Good we have, we free ourselves to share more Good.
When we value the blessings of this moment, we feel full of Love and Gratitude.

Looking at what is, gives us more of what we perceive.
Looking at what isn’t gives us more of what is missing.
Simple logic tells us to seek and find what we want more to be in our reality.
Faulty teachings have told us to seek what is lacking and then try to find it.

In the awareness of an enlightened mind and enlightened world, we see the Good.
In the responsibility of an awakened Being, we know how to respond with Love.
In the willingness of a happy Learner, we teach what we want to be true.
In the Peace of those who serve, we are truly helpful by serving only Holiness.

Truth dawns on us of ItSelf.
When we have forgiven the deceptions and myths of falsehood, we see the Light.
In the Light, we see the Love and value the blessings.
In the Love, we know the Goodness and appreciate the Beauty.

The Light has come.  
I have forgiven myself.
Betty Lue