Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What Do You Really Want?

This simple question honestly answered would yield the life you seek.
When we can be clear with ourselves about what we really want, we create it.
When we have conflicting wants, we create a hodge-podge or nothing at all.
It is indecision, doubt or second-guessing ourselves that blocks the flow of creative action.

Life is about discovering what we really want.
We have complete power for success when we live what we really want.
We have success when we know and go for what we really want.
The question remains: What do you really want?

The usual answer is “I Don’t Know”.
~Because we really don’t know.
~Because we are afraid to know.
~Because we recognize we have rarely given ourselves full permission to want.

What do you truly value?
What do you care about?
What are your priorities?
If you have three wishes or three wants, how do you choose?

Life gives us opportunities to choose and choose again and again.
When we are ambivalent or wishy-washy, we often get nothing or some of both.
When we are conflicted and live in “Yes, But”, we block movement and manifestation.
When we are uncertain or unwilling to choose, we often lose  or deny what is already present.

“Everything we experience we have asked for and experience as we have asked.”
On some level, conscious or unconscious, we have had a picture or idea or fear or doubt.
In some way we are taking on other’s pictures and beliefs and predictions and images.
We may be living out our parents or partners visions and beliefs and values.

It is only when we get crystal clear about what we REALLY want that we step forward with courage.
It is only when we let go of all doubts and questions and “buts” and “what ifs” that we go for it.
It is only when we know ourselves, love ourselves, trust ourselves that we live our Truth.
It is only when we stop resistance, sabotage, fear, conflict and compromise that we have what we want.

We can choose to get clear.
We can choose to change our minds.
We can choose to forgive our mistakes.
We can choose to listen within.

Begin with this simple and powerful exercise:
Ask yourself every morning: “What do I really want today?”
Then choose to remind yourself with every decision about what you really want.
Clarify and write down what you allow to get in your way.
Respond on paper and in your mind with: I forgive this.  I erase and release this block with gratitude.”
Restate what you really want aloud and on paper. “What I really want is:….”

When you are at peace, at one with what you really want, “I trust what I really want.”
When you are uncertain or in conflict, “I want to be clear about what I really want.”
When you are afraid of others disapproval, “ I no longer need others’ approval, I approve of myself.”
When you see conflicting wants, “I really want what is highest and best for all concerned.”

Remember, we are here to clarify what we really want.

I really want to be happy, and I AM.
I really want a life of peace, and I really live at peace.
I really want beauty, order and harmony in my life, I choose it and I have it and I share it and I teach it.

Ask yourself what you really want.
When you look around, you will see it, because it is what you have!
Don’t forget to forgive and choose again!

Loving us all in waking up and learning to choose again with wisdom and clarity and love!
Betty Lue