Friday, November 23, 2012

Value Giving and Give Thanks!

Do you value what you give?
Do you value all you have?
Are you focused on what you can get?
Do you appreciate how much you give?

In the world many seem to be focused on acquisition.
In our spiritual development, we must focus on contribution.
“Giving to get” is still focused on getting.
Giving for the joy of giving is giving for its own sake.

With True giving we create.
With True giving we bless.
With True giving we remember.
With True giving we become One.

When we value the joy of giving, we give thanks.
When we value the gift of living, we give thanks.
When we value the blessing of sharing, we give thanks.
When we value the receive what we give, we give thanks.

Wherever we are thankful, we recognize the abundance we have.
Whenever we are grateful, we realize the blessings we have received.
However we remember to give thanks, we fully enjoy the gifts that are ours.
For those we love and those who love us, we give thanks.

For many the enjoyment of giving happens later in life.
Our children seek to give their creations to us for our smiles and hugs.
When they are ignored, neglected or dismissed, they cautiously give.
When their gifts are received with delight, enjoyed and celebrated, they give more.

Giving is natural for those who love.
Giving is the way we discover what we have.
When we give with every thought, word and deed, we create the world we seek.
When we appreciate all we have given, we receive all our creations and gifts.

To have All is to Give All to All.
We cannot truly have when others are lacking and limited.
We cannot fully know until All are awakened in wisdom .
We cannot fully be until everyone is free to be themselves.
We cannot truly be happy until all recognize the peace and happiness within.

 Life is for giving.
You are the Gift.
It is in giving the gift you are, that you remember Your Self.
Remember to love the Gift You Are.

I know the Love You Are.
I will never forget to Love.  
I will never quit on You.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue