Thursday, November 15, 2012

Using Emotions for Good

E+Motion is energy in motion.
Emotions are temporary and ideally used to create.
Moving energy is what gets us to do what we are called to do.
Express your energy for Good and the outcome will be good.

When energy is bottled up, we feel stress, pressure and may explode emotionally.
When we hold back on expressing or using our energy, it may be expressed inappropriately.
When we let the energy build and explode, it may hurt ourselves or others.
When we talk emotionally to others, it may be confusing or overwhelming.

When we direct our energy and E+motions to be helpful, healing and creative, we do Good.
When we express our desire to heal, to love, to create something better, others listen.
When we express our withheld emotions without clear intention, we may be hurtful and destructive.
When we create a positive intention in sharing, we will be simple, clear, respectful and positive.

My favorite form of expression or communicating what we feel is:
I feel ___________ and I want __________________ and I am willing ________________.
In the form, we must share clearly and simply the feeling we have.
When we are called to share what we want, we must clarify our intention or goal.
The willingness is for us to take full responsibility for our part in the desired outcome.

Often emotions are shared simply to purge (puke and poop toxic material) and get rid of stuff.
Others may believe they are responsible for the sickness and for making us well.
When we share negative emotions, we usually have a need to release and a desire to feel better.
When we can honestly share this truth, we relieve the listener of guilt and fear in what to do.

Consider the Good you want from the feelings you have.
Consider using your emotions as energy to create something better.
Consider the ideal of reminding yourself and others of a better way .
Consider using your emotions thoughtfully and with a focused and clear intention.

Less content is better.
Respectful words are better.
Not leaving the listener with toxicity or guilt is better.
Learning to be talked to with respect is better.

In the physical sense, we dump our waste, toxic material, puke and poop, in private and flush.
In the emotional sense, we can clear our toxic feelings in private and release them respectfully.
In the mental sense, we can easily share our negative thoughts in a diary or journal and let them go.
To remember and repeat the same unhealthy and unhelpful thoughts and feelings does no good.

What would it take to release and let go of what you no longer need or want?
What could you do to undo whatever no longer is present for you that does not work?
What are you willing to forgive and clear so you have no fear?
How long will it take for you to create and live the life you really want?

Hanging onto the old does not allow room for anything new.
Time to let go and undo everything that is not true.
This is a powerful beginning to Thanksgiving and the new year 2013.
This is your time to complete with your blessings what has been, so you can be free!

Loving you and me and all,
Betty Lue