Saturday, November 17, 2012

Respect Those Who Lead

When we disrespect those who lead, we disrespect ourselves.
When we dishonor those who decide, we sabotage the decisions.
When we question those who lead, we leave ourselves in fear.
When we disclaim those who lead, we diminish our innate power.

What we do to another, we are doing to ourselves.
When we attack another, we fear what others will do to us.
When we weaken another, we are weakening our own willingness.
When we weaken others, we will withdraw from our willingness to lead.

Leaders step out.
Leaders take responsibility.
Leaders carry the burden.
Leaders are the willing ones.

Society sometimes lacks the leadership of selfless servers, because they are not respected.
When leaders are abused and misused, the people will lack the best leadership.

When leaders are respected, supported and joined, the people will build and effective team.
When those who lead are mistaken or misguided, the people feel safe to speak up.

When we align with our leaders, parents, teachers and those responsible, it is easy to cooperate.
When we rebel against leadership, we doubt, defend, discourage and doubt ourselves.
We threaten our own security with our resistance and reactions.
When we are respectful and responsible in our participation, we cooperate with our leaders.

The best leadership hears the advice and input of all they trust.
They cannot trust those who are destructive and distracting.
They cannot feel respected by those who are demeaning.
When we are disrespectful to our parents, our parents feel hurt and betrayed.
When we are disrespectful to our bosses, they may become defensive and punitive.
When we doubt the decisions of those in power, we weaken the success of those decisions.

Society needs to learn the value of learning to respect and honor our leaders.
We will respect and honor our own decisions.
We will be more forgiving of ourselves and others, when mistakes are made.
We will encourage a willingness to change direction, when it is valuable.

When we admire and respect others, we lift ourselves up to feel equal.
When we appreciate and value those who lead, we feel appreciation for our own value.
When we have peace and understanding with leaders, we join and create a greater whole.
When we trust and free our leaders to do their best, we build a more peaceful world.

How long will it take for us to understand, peace and understanding are a better way for all?
Loving you and forgiving all that is not Love,
Betty Lue