Monday, November 19, 2012

Respect and Responsibility

Have you lost respect for yourself?
Do you stay where you are abused and misused?
Are you trying to change those around you?
Are you stuck being unwelcome and unappreciated?

When we respect ourselves, we can teach others to respect us.
When we step away from abusive language and disrespectful behavior, we are taking care of ourselves.
When we continue to give time, money and energy to what is wrong, we feed it with our attention.
It takes great courage to ignore that which we want to extinguish and eliminate.

Are you willing?
Are you willing to give all the respect, trust and good in you to the good you see around you?
Are you willing to support those who are grateful, respectful and kind in their response to you?
Are you willing to stay where you are wanted, valued, encourage and appreciated?

It starts with you and me.
What do you watch on TV and read about?
What do you share with others and care most about?
We can change our experience by changing our choices.

When we are willing and able to let go of what is not healthy, happy, helpful and good, we begin to change.
When we stop talking about, entertained by, working on what is wrong, we begin to delete and deny.
When we focus on what is working, it increases what is working.
When we focus on the mess, confusion, frustration and wrongs, we increase more of the same.

This universal truth is creating what you perceive and live with at home and work.
  • Focus on the Good.
  • Respect those who do Good.
  • Take responsibility for thinking Good, speaking Good and doing Good.
We keep believing we can change others, when we can only change ourselves.
We keep trying to have what we want and neglect being and doing what we want.
We continue to stay where we forget and neglect ourselves.
We discourage ourselves with association with those who disrespect themselves.

How can we live in our own ivory tower of goodness and kindness and love for ourselves?
How can we choose to stay where we want to be and remember to be respectful of ourselves?
How can we live in a way that teaches by our example of how to be respectful and responsible?
How can we give the very best to ourselves daily so we never forget to love the One we are?

I see what is wrong.
I know much of our society is mistaken.
I recognize some may be tempted to be entertained and amused by rude and crude and destructive behavior.
I realize you and I have one life to live and it is ours to do what is meaningful, effective and good.

Let each one who has ears to hear make a choice that is clear.
Listen within to the One Who Is there Loving you and wanting only Goodness and Happiness for you.
Take time today to pray to your Whole Self to return to the loving  and gentle ways you know.
Let go of continuing to give attention and credence to offensive, confrontational and destructive ways.

You can change your own life.
In changing your mind, you can choose again.
What is not working for you can be forgiven, deleted and released, so you can choose again.
Life is your choosing ground to create a future different from your past.  

If it is not working, stop.
Begin today to choose a better way.  
Loving you, 
Betty Lue