Monday, November 26, 2012

Reconciling Differences

“Can you give me some simple short skills to apply when someone signigicant in my life does not accept my truth,statements of facts.  Interpretation of facts based on their belief system is very difficult  to go forward and resolve some common issues when belief systems are confused with feelings. Guess a simple application and definition of the two might be helpful that I could read and forward to another significant  party. This seems to happening with only one major person in m my life. I'm at a loss with numerous attempts.” From a Reader.

There are differences of opinion.
There are differences of perception.
There are differences of values.
There are differences of choices.
There are differences of understanding.
There are differences of experiences.
There are differences in life purpose.
There are differences in feelings.
There are differences in facts.
There are differences in life paths.
There are differences in how we think.
There are differences in communication.

When we need to be “right”, we do not understand others.
When we know we are “correct”, we believe others are wrong.
When we fight to prove ourselves, we select what supports our view.
When we try to win, we make others lose.

There is no right way.
No two people see the same thing.
Perception is based on beliefs.
Opinions are based on experiences.

Researchers and authorities find facts that supports their theories.
Family members have preferred ways of dealing with their responsibilities.
People have different preferences. 
When we can respect others viewpoints, truths, preferences, opinions and values, we teach respect.

We can be the ones to reconcile differences by honoring what others want to believe.
Trying to get other’s approval requires constant effort in knowing and understanding their preferences.  
When we approve of ourselves, we no longer need others to do or believe whatever is “true” for us.
Learning to let go of getting affirmation for our own choices is freeing and comes from trusting ourselves.

There are always differences among all people.
Loving is letting go of needing to reconcile differences.
Loving is learning to trust and free others to have their own life. 
Accepting difference is a key to inner peace and serenity, happiness and well-being.

When our value is to trust, love and respect one another, we stop trying to convince.
When we understand and accept our differences, we listen, learn, let go and love one another.
When we no longer need to be the same, we trust our differences are all for the highest Good.
When we live our lives allowing others to be where and who and how they are, we are at peace.

Life is meant to be a place of freedom and trust where we simply Love one another.
Loving you as you are.
Betty Lue

Relationship Perceptions

·     Perception is a mirror, not a fact.
·     What we see in another is a projection of our history and our internal judgments.
·     Therefore, we see what we want to see in the moment, what fits with our current ideas, beliefs, and attitudes.
·     Relationships are an opportunity to become a spotless mirror.
·     Relationships show us where we are stuck in our opinions and self-judgment.
·     Healing our perceptions, clearing our relationships, loving everyone equally, and cleaning our mirror is the purpose of the world and physical experience.
·     Present moment experiences reflect past similars. We recreate past patterns until we come to peace and clear our misperceptions.
·     The major portion of all relationships with lovers, spouses, children, employers and friends is to clear the past.
·     Awareness with no judgment is healing. Simply notice.
·     We are responsible for our experience and receive what we have asked for exactly as we have asked.
·     Everything works together for good.
·     To consciously give ourselves and our relationships to Spirit is to allow the undoing to occur in an easy, natural way with trust in the outcome.
·     To the degree we respect ourselves, we are respected by others.
·     To the degree we abandon ourselves, we are abandoned by others.
·     To the degree we listen to and honor ourselves, we are listened to and honored by others.
·     Also, to the degree we love and trust ourselves, we can love and trust others.
·     So, it behooves all of us to clean up our own relationship with ourselves—to let go of everything that blocks us from respecting, being with, listening to and honoring, loving and trusting ourselves. Indeed, this is the cure-all for relationships.
·     The simple truth is that the outer reality is but a reflection of our inner kingdom.